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MAS 337 Exam 1. Graded A

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MAS 337 Exam 1 Match the son with its corresponding region. 1.Oaxaca 2.Veracruz 3.Michoacan 4.Jalisco 5.Hidalgo 1. Son istemeno 2. Son Jarocho 3. Son Abajeno 4. Son Jalisciense 5. Son Huast... eco Genre of Mexican folk music distinguished by its strophic form and lively choreography. Its first documented use surfaces in Veracruz in the eighteenth century. Mexican Son A 12-beat phrase divided into two groups of six beats with varying accentuation sometimes felt in two, sometimes in three Sesquialtera Percussive guitar used especially by calenteno musicians Guitarra de Golpe The foot stomping heard in Mexican son that creates rhythmic accents are called? Zapateado The son calenteno comes from the hot lands, or Tierra Caliente, in the state of Michoacan. True The singing style found in son jarocho, called pregonero and coro, is likely derived from the prevalent African style of call-and-response. True Jalisco was the exclusive birthplace of mariachi. False Sones from Jalisco and Western Mexico led most directly to the modern Mariachi tradition. True Urbanization following the Mexican revolution led to the integration of regional sones into modern mariachi repertoire and musical practices. True The mega-genre of Mexican dance song, called son, is defined by the three dimensions: music, verse, and instruments False Hosbawn's concept of inventing traditions refers to creating cultural memory through selective reinterpretation. True Match the Mariachi musician to the appropraite description. 1. Jose Hernandez 2. Rebecca Gonzales 3. Natividad "Nati" Cano 4. Laura Sobrino 1. Innovative musician, director, and composer/arranger who blends mariachi music with other musical forms and feels the need to "prove" mariachi music's worth 2. The first professional female mariachi who worked with Mariachi Los Camperos in 1970s 3. Groundbreaking musician and director who elevated people's opinions about mariachi music and the social status of mariachi musicians. 4. Professional violin player who still sees inequalities in people's opinions of women in mariachi music The recent downturn in the U.S. economy has caused problems between mariachi players because some of them are now undercutting their fellow musicians, causing competition and bad feelings and potentially setting up the profession for lower wages in the future. True Chambas refer to gigs played by a mariachi ensemble who typically works together True Mariachi musicians who play al talon are usually paid by the hour False Two historic events that encouraged migration between Mexico and the U.S. and thus the movement of mariachis, are the U.S. immigration Act of 1924 and women's right to vote as granted by the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920 False In order to play mariachi al talon, a musician would need to? All of the above: - Have a vast repertoire of music from which to draw - be able to improvise as needed and stock introductions and endings to songs - Communicate well and have a good rapport with the public Plantas are performance jobs? Occuring with regular frequence Natividad "Nati" Cano, founder and director of Mariachi Los Camperos, explained that the social status of mariachi musicians: changed a great deal over his lifetime, going from being discriminated against to well respected once they were established in the urban centers and flourished in new locations A unique economic and living space for mariachi musicians in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles is called? Mariachi Plaza Mariachi groups established outside Mexico, such as Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos in Los Angeles, have had the following unprecedented impact(s) on the Mariachi tradition Wider recognition and valuing of mariachi music Mariachi groups established in U.S. schools, such as Belle and Juan Ortiz's program in the San Antonio Independent School District have had the following innovative impact(s) on the mariachi traditions All of the Above: - the education of children about mariachi music - the education of children about Mexico and Mexican culture - the establishment of youth mariachi groups Mariachi festivals, such as Tucson International Mexican Festival, have had the following important impact(s) on the mariachi traditions? -Creation of competition, performance-oriented contexts for mariachi ensembles - Increased awareness of mariachi music throughout the world Social movements in the U.S. such as Chicano Movimiento and Women's Liberation, have had following influential impact(s) on the mariachi tradition: The adoption of mariachi as a symbol of pride and identity Modern technology and media, such as the internet, Youtube, and Facebook, have had the following recent impact(s) on the Mariachi tradition - increased exposure of mariachi music - increased rate of change to the mariachi tradition The women in Companeras faced many obstacles not typically faced in mariachi, such as: All of the Above: - the cultural expectation that they marry and have children - lower pay - a non-traditional style of learning mariachi music Female mariachi musicians from the film discussed what seemed to be "unacceptable" instruments to play by those around them due to their perception of being masculine. Two instruments deemed the most masculine and least appropriate for women were the? Trumpet and Guitarron While the young, female mariachis from Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles were passionate, goal-oriented, and committed to mariachi music, they became less committed and goal-oriented as time went on due to a lack of ability to earn a living wage playing mariachi, need to take their children, focus on school, and development of alternative careers, True In Mulholland's article, "Mariachi, Myths, and Mestizaje" (2007), she asserts that mariachi represents an "imagined" nation of Mexico through the symbolism of the macho mestizo male and its telling of national history and of origins True Match the dates with the events: 1. Augustin de Iturbide (1783-1824) becomes Emperor of Mexico 2. Father Hidalgo delivers the "Grito de Dolores", the call for independence 3. Mexican-American War 4. Waves of migrants from Europe and the Middle East arrive in Mexico 5. Second Wave Invasion in Mexico 6. Caste of War of Yucatan 7. Guadalupe Victoria (1755-1843) becomes first president of the Republic of Mexico 1. 1822 2. 1810 3. 1846 - 1848 4. 1820s- 1840s 5. 1861-1866 6. 1847-1901 7. 1824 Match the Composer with its composition: 1. Jose Mariano Elizaga 2. Vicente Riva Palacios and Sebastian Iradier 3. Paddy Maloney and The Chieftains 4. Ricardo Castro 1. "Ultimas Varicaciones para Piano" 2. "Adios, Mama Carlota" 3. "March to Battle Across the Rio Grande" 4. "Aires Nacionales" The nation's first indigenous president, ___________, was elected in 1861 and began a series of long-reaching reforms Benito Juarez Napolean III installed the Austrian archduke, ________________, as emperor of Mexico, a post he held until 1866. Maximillian Hapsburg Independence day in Mexico September 16th Adaptation of European violin and dance music, that helped rally Mayas to rebellion Mayapax "Ultimas Variaciones para Piano" represents Mexico's: All of the Above: - desire to emulate fashionable European-style music - ability to create music on par with other parts of the world - stratification of social and economic classes One of the primary reasons the Cruzoobs utilized indigenous Mayan rituals and music in their fight against the Yucatan was: to symbolize who they were and create a sense of identity different from the people who were of European descent "Aires Fandango" is an example of Mayapax music. True "Himno Nacional" is important as a symbol in Mexico's construction of nationhood. True The establishment of El Conservatorio de la Música and Orquesta Típica de la Ciudad de la México was important during the reign of President Díaz in representing a modern national identity for Mexico and demonstrating its cosmopolitanism as a nation. True "Sobre las olas" is a famous zarzuela composed by Juventino Rosas. False The development of modern cosmopolitan cities was an important goal of the reform policies of President Porfirio Díaz. True Musical piece in Chin Chun Chan based upon a creolized version of a Spanish dance with the habanera rhythm pattern. Danza The themes embodied by Chin Chun Chan characterize this period of the Mexican Republic Porfiriato Spanish genre of musical theatre characterized by a mixture of sung and spoken dialogue Zarzuela Match the person to the composition. 1.) Juventino Rosas 2.) Luis Gonzaga Jorda 3.) Miguel Lerdo de Tajado 4.) Ernesto Elorduy 1.) "Sobre las Olas" 2.) Chin Chun Chan 3.) Perjura 4.)Peruja Match the person to the occuation. 1. first director of Mexico's Conservatorio Nacional de la Música 2. librettist, journalist, and co-founder of the Mexican Society of Authors of Music Theater 3. founder and director of Mexico's Orquesta Típica 4. wealthy patroness of the arts in Mexico 5. President of Mexico 6. Mexican Pianist 7. musicologist who studied Zulema 1. Agustín Caballero 2. José Elizondo 3.Carlos Curti 4. Calixta Gutierrez 5. Porfirio Díaz 6. Silvia Navarette 7. Leonora Saavedra Match the Performer to the song 1.) El corrido de Heracio Bernal 2.) General Francisco Villa 3.) Carabina 30-30 4.) Adelita 1.) Trio Nava 2.) Los Cuatezones 3.) Los Lobos 4.) Lydia Mendoza Match the definiton to the term 1.) Quatrain (cuatrain) 2.) Despedida 3.)China Poblana 4.)Soldadera 1.) A four-line stanza used to organize poetry 2.) a farewell 3.) stereotyped symbol of the virtuous Mexican woman 4.) female revolutionary soldier in Mexico Ballads narrating stories that became popular during the Mexican Revolution Corridos Guitar-like instruments with six double courses associated with conjuntos nortenos Bajo Sexto What do cuernos de chivo really refer to in narcocorridos? High-powered rifles Contemporary topics of corridos include All of the Above (US immigration, mexican work ethic, drug trafficking) Los Tigres del Norte use doble sentido in their lyrics in order to "cover their tracks" when talking about sensitive information, a common tactic in songwriting throughout time and history True To be successful, corridos should tell a story, almost like a musical newspaper True Emilio "El Indio" Fernandez is regarded by man as the greatest of the Mexican cinema directors of the golden era True Silent films in Mexico began in the mid- to late- 1920s False A feminist critique of some of the golden era Mexican films is that women characters are portrayed as both saints who are dependent upon men and sinners who control men through temptation, not as a person with complex feelings, motivations, and abilities True The most popular genre of Mexican film, which took its cue from revistas, zarzuelas, and comedias teatrales Comedia Ranchera The 19th century Cuban dance from that later developed in Mexico Danzon Singer-actor who became the idealized representative of the handsome, heroic rancher Jorge Negrete In the 1930sm radio personality __________, composed many romantic songs of international fame, and captured the hearts of Mexican listeners, especially housewives in their homes. Agustin Lara Soundtracks of golden era films in Mexico helped create iconic cultural heroes, such as the singing cowboy, and promoted musical forms like the All of the above (Cancion ranchera, mexican bolero, corrido) Match the following performer with the films who show showcased their music 1.) Santa 2.) Alla en al Rancho Grande 3.) Flor Silvestre 1.) Agustin Lara 2.) Jorge Negrete 3.) Lucha Reyes In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Chicano music became politicized and gave voice to social commentary and movements (Vietnam war, Chicano movement, brown beets, Cesar Chavez) True "Las ratas no tienen alas" is a hit rock song by the Mexican band, Maldita Vecindad, expressing the comparison of the Mexican police to rats who persecute ordinary citizens False The massacre at Tlatelolco in the year 1958 and the festival at Avandaro in the year 1961 marked a turn in the direction of rock music in Mexico False Las Posadas are Christmas traditions of song and pageantry recalling Joseph and Mary's search for lodging and the birth of the infant Jesus. True Amparo Ochoa was one of the most celebrated and influential singers who performed songs of social concern and helped to develop the musical tradition of canto nuevo (nueva cancion) in Mexico True Spanish-language versions, or covers, of English-language hit rocanrol songs Refritos El Tri was founded in 1968 by the bass guitarist and composer Alex Lora Counter-cultural song movement that spread throughout the American in the 1980s Nueva Cancion A derogatory term for preferring things foreign as better and more valuable Malinchismo Influential Chicano musician who toured with the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, and Frankie Sardo, but died at 17 yrs. old in small fight ("the day the music died") Ritchie Valens Match the composer to the composition. 1.) El renacuajo paseador 2.) Huapango 3.) Ritual 4.) Clepsidra 5.) Funesta 1.) Silvestre Revueltas 2.) Jose Pablo Moncayo 3.) Manuel Enriquez 4.) Mario Lavista 5.) Marcela Rodriguez Match the composer to the social/cultural/historical description. 1.) Represented post-revolutionary sentiment in music drawing upon urban and popular musics 2.) Represented nationalism in music drawing from local sounds and musics 3.) Represented post-nationalistic music using unidentifiable sounds and experimentation 4.) Infuses literacy and philosophical though into music asking how sound itself is musical 5.) Bridges artistic endeavors between drama and music and highlights female characters and musicians in compositions 1.) Silvestre Rivueltas 2.) Jose Pablo Moncayo 3.) Maunel Enriquez 4.) Mario Lavista 5.) Marcela Rodriguez [Show More]

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