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LAS MAS MUS 337 FA19 001Quiz #5. Graded A

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Question 1 (4 points) Saved Match the mariachi musician to the appropriate description. Question 1 options: José Hernández Natividad "Nati" Cano Laura Sobrino Rebecca Gonzales ... 1. Groundbreaking musician and director who elevated people's opinions about mariachi music and the social status of marichi musicians 2. Innovative musician, director, and composer/arranger who blends mariachi music with other musical forms and feels the need to "prove" mariachi music's worth 3. The first professional female mariachi who worked with Mariachi Los Camperos in the 1970s 4. Professional violin player who still sees inequities in people's opinions of women in mariachi music Question 2 (1 point) Saved The first mariachi group founded in the United States was Los Changuitos Feos. Question 2 options: True False Question 3 (1 point) Saved Chambas refer to gigs played by a mariachi ensemble who typically works together. Question 3 options: True False Question 4 (1 point) Saved Mariachi musicians who play al talón are usually paid by the hour. Question 4 options: True False Question 5 (1 point) Saved The first mariachi conference held in Tucson was in April, 2006, inspired by the well-known mariachi conferences in Mexico that started in the 1980s. Question 5 options: True False Question 6 (1 point) Saved In order to play mariachi al talón, a musician would need to: Question 6 options: have a vast repertoire of music from which to draw. be able to improvise as needed and add stock introductions and endings to songs. communicate well and have a good rapport with the public. All of the above Question 7 (1 point) Saved Plantas are performance jobs: Question 7 options: A) Occurring with regular frequency. B) played in areas with high vegetation growth. C) designed to showcase many mariachi ensembles in a staged performance at a festival. D) All of the above Question 8 (1 point) Saved Natividad “Nati” Cano, founder and director of Mariachi Los Camperos, explained that the social status of mariachi musicians: Question 8 options: A) changed a great deal over his lifetime, going from being well respected to discriminated against once they crossed the border into the United States. B) has always been high with people giving them respect and seeing them as bearers of cultural heritage. C) has always been low with people failing to recognize the dedication needed to perform and the importance of their contribution to Mexican culture. D) Changed a great deal over his lifetime, going from being discriminated against to well respected once they were established in urban centers and flourished in new locations. Question 9 (1 point) Saved A unique economic and living space for mariachi musicians in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles is called: Question 9 options: Mariachi Plaza Charro Hotel Esquina de Mariachi Calle de Chamba [Show More]

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