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KOR 352 FA19 01 Week7 Quiz. 100% Graded. University Of Arizona 1

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KOR 352 FA19 101 Quiz for Week7 Question 1 (0.25 points) Which of the following is not one of my suggestions to do better with weekly quizzes? Question 1 options: Enjoy reading Revisit the ... readings while taking quizzes Write down main points while reading Memorize key points Question 2 (0.25 points) Match each group with a right description based on Park and Abelmann’ article Question 2 options: Entertaining alternative visions and desires to raise a creative child Pushing her children to study irrespective of their own desires based on her own childhood experience Justifying her own ambition as well as economic limitations 1. Hun’s Mother 2. Min’s Mother 3. Jinu’s Mother Question 3 (0.25 points) Which of the following is not one of the main roles of English in South Korea according to Park and Abelmann? Question 3 options: Ideological vehicle Class marker Global commodity Tool to fight nationalism Question 4 (0.25 points) According to Haejoang Cho, South Korean children nowadays are trained from a very early age with the values of freedom, so they are able to say “no” to their manager-parents. Question 4 options: True False Question 5 (0.25 points) Park and Abelmann argue that English education articulates class and cosmopolitan striving by using the concept “discrepant cosmopolitanism” Question 5 options: True False Question 6 (0.25 points) Which of the following is not relevant for the New Generation according to Haejoang Cho? Question 6 options: The New Generation wanted to forge a radical alternative to the existing conservative and authoritarian culture through the politics of generational identity Although the New Generation was enthusiastic and energetic, the financial crisis of 1997 made the new generation become conservative The New Generation referred to young people who were born after 1970 and entered college in the 1990s The New Generation valued freedom, self-expression, and self-realization Question 7 (0.25 points) Which of the following is not relevant for the Spec Generation according to Haejoang Cho? Question 7 options: The Spec Generation was born in the affluent era of the late 1980s The Spec Generation focuses on credentialization and accumulating specs The Spec Generation had a fear of sudden economic decline after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis The Spec Generation cannot stand to waste time, so they do not read books on self-development but compete with each other blindly Question 8 (0.25 points) Which statement does not describe the history of South Korean modern education according to Park and Abelmann? Question 8 options: The increase of middle class population after the IMF crisis in 1997 brought about the popularity of English education Chun Doo Hwan regime’s July 30 Education Reform prohibited all kinds of private after-school education During the 2000s, South Koreans experienced the triumph of consumer demand for education and vibrant private after-school educational markets English education was extended to elementary school during the Kim Young Sam regime Class and Cosmopolitan Striving: Mothers' Management of English Education in South Korea Author(s): So Jin Park and Nancy Abelmann Source: Anthropological Quarterly, Vol. 77, No. 4 (Autumn, 2004), pp. 645-672 Published by: The George Washington University Institute for Ethnographic Research Stable URL: The Spec Generation Who Can’t Say “No”: Overeducated and Underemployed Youth in Contemporary South Korea Cho Hae-joang positions: east asia cultures critique, Volume 23, Number 3, August 2015, pp. 437-462 (Article) Published by Duke University Press [Show More]

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