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What point does baby blues occur in the pp period? - ✔✔-first few days after birth What point in the pp period does baby blues occur? - ✔✔-first few days after birth What point in the pp... period does pp depression occur? - ✔✔-gradually in the first year What point in pp does pp panic disorder occur? - ✔✔-3-4 weeks pp panic disorder characteristics - ✔✔-difficulty breathing, extreme anxiety, dizziness, tremors, shaking dysphoric milk ejection reflex (D-MER) - ✔✔-a cluster of symptoms that happen in the first 30-120 seconds of milk flow (symptoms: sadness, depression, anxiety, irritability, and restlessness How many deaths occurred in 2015 in the neonate period? - ✔✔-2.7 million What was the number one cause of deaths in the neonate period in 2015? - ✔✔-pneumonia and diarrhea How much would it cost to scale up to do everything to prevent neonate deaths? - ✔✔-less than 6 billion worldwide First 1,000 days campaign - ✔✔-includes 270 days of pregnancy up to 2 years worldwide and includes breastfeeding What are the characteristics of baby blues? - ✔✔-crying for no reason, irritability, anger, impatiences, restlessness, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, appetite disturbances Women who do not breastfeed are at a greater risk for which 5 things? - ✔✔-MI and metabolic syndrome breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer How much does your risk decrease for hypertension, diabetes and cardiac disease if you BF for at least a year? - ✔✔-10-15% 3 strategies that WHO and UNICEF set out to increase BF initiation and duration - ✔✔-Breastfeeding Promotion, Breastfeeding Protection, Breastfeeding Support 2x more likely when all 3 are present breastfeeding promotion according to WHO and UNICEF - ✔✔-focuses on advantages of breastfeeding on a personal, community, country or global level breastfeeding protection - ✔✔-focuses on govt, manufacturer and social responsibility to assure breastfeeding's ability to compete with commercial interests, addresses improper marketing practices, breastfeeding in public breastfeeding support - ✔✔-interaction of helpers with family as well as program development and implementation why is BF so difficult that moms need help? - ✔✔-#1-unrealistic expectations #2-lack of timely interventions When do moms usually quit breastfeeding? - ✔✔-10 days following d/c International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes - ✔✔-international health policy framework to regulate the marketing of breastmilk substitutes to protect breastfeeding published by WHO written in response to marketing activities that were promoting formula feeding over breastfeeding World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative is intended to - ✔✔-track, assess, and monitor the implementation of the global strategy at the country and sub country level what contributes to low rates of exclusive breastfeeding globally? - ✔✔-caregiver and societal beliefs favoring mixed feeding hospital practices and policies that don't support breastfeeding lack of support aggressive promotion of formula or substitutes inadequate maternity leave lack of knowledge How to support exclusive breastfeeding - ✔✔-Increase hospital and health system capacity including revitalizing, expanding, and institutionalizing the baby-friendly hospital initiative in health systems Provide community based strategies including communication campaigns tailored to the local context Strengthen the monitoring, enforcement, and legislation related to "The Code" and subsequent resolutions. Enact at least 6 months paid maternity leave Invest in training and capacity building in breastfeeding protection, promotion, and support Alveoli - ✔✔-milk producing cells nipple ducts have how many pores - ✔✔-3-5 do all humans have prolactin? - ✔✔-yes! what 2 hormone pathways are involved in making milk? - ✔✔-oxytocin and prolactin prolactin levels - ✔✔-dependent on nipple stimulation (stroking) not decreased by stress go up and down in between nursing Oxytocin - ✔✔-influenced by nipple stretching (proper latch) temporarily affected by stress Feeding within the first 2 hours of life can do what to milk - ✔✔-significantly increase milk supply by day 4 Receivers of Knowledge believe - ✔✔-Believe all Authority tells the truth like to learn the right answer and repeat it to the teacher focus on teaching the right way and do return demo Subjective Knowers - ✔✔-Knowers who depend entirely on internal resources for valuing and knowing intuition and feelings trust other women support groups Procedural Knowers - ✔✔-Seek information from a variety of sources like evidence limit personal stories constructed knowledge - ✔✔-Integration of different types of knowledge (intuition, reason, and self-knowledge) Shift from grand theories to middle and practice theories want to embrace all pieces of self ideas and values must be nurtured Truth or myth: increasing vacuum on a pump will not increase the amount of milk expressed - ✔✔-truth what is the cleanest way to collect milk? - ✔✔-hand expression what's different about the content of hand expressed milk versus pumped? - ✔✔-higher fat content in hand expressed What is screened on donor milk? - ✔✔-history, serology, bacteriology, heat treatment/pasteurization with soy formula, what do we worry about? - ✔✔-estrogen exposure is powder formula sterile? - ✔✔-no Recommendations for prepping powdered infant formula from WHO and CDC - ✔✔-mix PIF with water heated to 158° to kill bacteria scurvy - ✔✔-Vitamin C deficiency severe complication of improper use of almond drinks in the first year how much milk does a mom make per day? - ✔✔-750-1000mls per day does the left breast usually make less milk - ✔✔-yes What is the growth standard per WHO? - ✔✔-breastfed babies How do breastfed babies grow? (like the pattern/rate) - ✔✔-gain more at first then the rate slows CDC says the WHO growth standard should be used for kids under what age? - ✔✔-2 years Hyperinsulinemia - ✔✔-insulin does not move glucose into cells occurs in formula babies breastfeeding prevents - ✔✔-childhood obesity diabetes What is a contraindication to breastfeeding? - ✔✔-galactosemia (1/60,000 babies), can't metabolize galactose, different than lactose intolerant mom doing radiation HIV human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 or type 2 Ebola using illicit street drugs (methadone programs can BF) Hep A if you cant get gamma globulin If you have triplets, how should you breastfeed? - ✔✔-1&2 at the same time then 3 on both sides rotate for next feeding What are contraindications for temporarily not breastfeeding or hand expressing? - ✔✔-untreated brucellosis mom taking chemo drugs or RA drugs mom doing imaging w/ radiopharmaceuticals active herpes with lesions (moms can feed on other side) Hep C w/ cracked nipples (no cracked then you can) what are contraindications for temporarily not breastfeeding but you can express BM? - ✔✔-active or untreated TB (after 2 weeks of treatment) airborne and contact precautions active varicella (chicken pox) What do we know about why families choose not to breastfeed? - ✔✔-they think formula feeding is "easier" [Show More]

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