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TMC practice exam 2022/23 (questions with 100% verified correct answers)

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(questions with 100% verified correct answers)Within one second after initiating a forced vital capacity (FVC) maneuver, a patient with normal lungs should be able to exhale what percent of the FVC? ... A. 35-50% of the FVC B. 50-70% of the FVC C. 70-83% of the FVC D. 84-93% of the FVC - >>>>c. 70-83% of FVC Simple spirometry CANNOT be used to measure the A. vital capacity B. residual volume C. tidal volume D. inspiratory reserve volume - >>>>b. residual volume Which of the following approaches can be used to obtain a medication history from a patient with a depressed level of consciousness or who is severely agitated? A. obtain and review the patient's past medical history B. ask the patient's nurse about the patient's prescriptions C. request that the lab run a comprehensive blood drug screen D. obtain the patient's current prescription vials from the family - >>>>d. obtain the patient's current prescription vials from the family Which of the following thoracic ultrasound findings is consistent with the presence of a pneumothorax? A. presence of gliding sign B. absence of A-lines C. presence of barcode sign D. presence of seashore sign - >>>>c. presence of barcode lines Which of the following would tend to increase insensible water loss? A. hypothermia B. bypassed upper airway C. hypoventilation D. diuretic administration - >>>>b. bypassed upper airway Which of the following would tend to decrease a patient's energy expenditure? A. hypothermia B. inflammation C. major trauma D. agitation/pain - >>>>a. hypothermia A patient has acute respiratory acidosis. You would expect the base excess (BE) to range between: A. + 6 mEq/L [Show More]

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