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ACLS Post Test 2022/23 ( questions with 100% correct answers)

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ACLS Post Test 2022/23 ( questions with 100% correct answers)You are caring for a patient with a suspected stroke whose symptoms started 2 hours ago. The CT was normal with no sign of hemorrhage. The... patient does not have any contraindications to fibrinolytic therapy. Which treatment is best? a. start fibrinolytic therapy ASAP b. hold fibrinolytic therapy for 24 hours c. order an echo before fibrinolytic administration d. wait for MRI result - ✔✔a. start fibrinolytic therapy ASAP For STEMI pt, maximum goal time for ED door-to-balloon-inflation time for PCI? a. 150 mins b. 180 mins c. 120 mins d. 90 mins - ✔✔d. 90 mins Which is the recommended oral dose of aspirin for a patient with suspected acute coronary syndrome? a. 81 mg b. 325-650 mg c. 160-325 mg d. 40 mg - ✔✔c. 160-325 mg chest compressions during for adult rate a. 40-60/min b. 60-80/min c. 80-100/min d. 100-120/min - ✔✔d. 100-120/min What is the effect of excessive ventilation? a. decresed cardiac output b. decreased intrathoracic pressure c. increased perfusion pressure d. increased venous return - ✔✔a. decreased cardiac output temperature to achieve targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest a. 30-34C b. 32-36C c. 36-40C d. 38-42C - ✔✔b. 32-36C [Show More]

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