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CDL Practice Test (General Knowledge) Latest Updated 2022 Graded A How long should the mud flaps on a truck and trailer be? Correct Answer-Long enough to reach within 8 in of the roadway If you're... driving in town, how far will your recommended 12-15 second planning ahead measure in distance? Correct Answer-about a single block A bridge formula restricts the axle weight for axles which... Correct Answer-are closer together How soon should oil pressure rise to a normal level after starting the engine? Correct Answer-within seconds If starting from a standstill on a hill, what's the best way to get moving? Correct Answer-partly engage the clutch before you take your right foot off the brake Driving on a highway, it is recommended that you monitor a quarter of a mile ahead. At highway speeds, this equates to...? Correct Answer-12-15 sec Descending a long downgrade, which of these will help you if you have brake difficulties? Correct Answer--escape ramp -a turn going uphill -an open field (all of the above) If you are tested and found to have a blood alcohol concentration below 0.04% but above 0.0, what will happen? Correct Answer-You will be taken out of service for 24 hrs Federal, State, and local regulations concerning cargo weight, securement, and cover vary widely. Which should you obey? Correct Answer-all of themWhat are two of the most common causes of tire fires? Correct Answer-Under-inflation and duals that touch The minimum number of tiedowns on a load is...? Correct Answer-2 If your load protrudes more than 4 feet beyond the rear of your vehicle, which of these do you need in Texas? Correct Answer--a red flag at least 12X12 in (day) -a special permit -a burning red visible light (night) (all of the above) If an accident victim is bleeding heavily, what should you do to help? Correct Answer-apply direct pressure to the wound If there is an obstacle in the road and you have a choice of directions around it, why should you choose to go right? Correct Answer-it will avoid driving into oncoming traffic How can you avoid temporary night blindness from other drivers' lights? Correct Answer-look at the sidelines instead [Show More]

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