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DSE CDCA Latest Updated 2022 Already Passed purpose of dialysis ✔✔remove potential toxicities from blood IL-1 ✔✔inflammatory cytokine cyclosporine ✔✔immunosuppressant used in transplan... t pts. causes gingival hyperplasia perio dz and diabetes ✔✔glucose level increased cause for cement failure ✔✔increased solubility before trimming teeth on stone cast for immediate denture, you must ✔✔mark a line 3 mm above free gingival margin what analgesic can be safely given to someone with kidney dz ✔✔tylenol (acetaminophen) ONLY. NOT NSAIDS nor spirin pts on dialysis. where do you take BP? ✔✔not on the side where the shunt was placed for dialysis how do you prevent syncope ✔✔trendelenburg position how do you treat syncope ✔✔trendelenberg position. if breathing present, crush ammonia ampule under nose and admin O2. If no breathing, start BLS best position of a finish line on short clinical crown ✔✔subginvival? or at gingival margin? child with fibrous dysplasia. what do you do next ✔✔some lesions stabilize. some lesions grow. surgical removal when its an esthetic concern. for children, surgical intervention should be delayed as long as possible what does pneumatization look like ✔✔ treatment of someone allergic to barbiturate ✔✔antihistamine can you treat a pt who had hep A one yr ago? ✔✔yes when are immediate dentures evaluated ✔✔24 hrs, 1 wk, 1 mo. every 3 months tx for primary herpetic gingivostomatitis ✔✔palliative bc you only tx fever and pain long term antibiotic therapy can result in ✔✔candida ortho tx can result in ✔✔external root resorption or recession symptoms of eagles syndrome ✔✔-facial pain, esp while swallowing, turning the head, or opening mouth. -other symptoms may include dysphagia, dysphonia, otalgia, headache, dizziness, and transient syncope. -elongation of styloid process -mineralization of stylohyoid ligament purpose of coating dies by lab in construction of fixed partials ✔✔to allow space for cement contraindication for hyperthryoid ✔✔epi best tx for tetracycline stain ✔✔porcelain veneer facial reduction for PFM crown ✔✔1.5mm can transillumination be used to identify cracks? ✔✔yes pt with tenderness anterior to earlobe ✔✔inflammation of stensons duct pt has diabetes. he forgot to take insulin but ate a good breakfast. if you gave him sugar, what happens? ✔✔pt would get worse after scrp, pt notices more spaces btwn teeth. why ✔✔dec swelling of gingiva xray with herring bone effect. what's wrong ✔✔film placed backwards what film requires LEAST amt of radiation ✔✔E speed how much epi can u give a pt with BP 160/110 ✔✔none. refer to doc type of pontic to replace PM ✔✔modified ridge lap pt with hx of slow growing mandible for 10 yrs ✔✔hyperpituitarism pt with hx of weight gain, deepening voice, dry skin ✔✔hypothyroidism exopthalmos ✔✔hyperthyroidism tx of addisons dz (hypoadrenalism) ✔✔corticosteroid replacement therapy recurrent ulcers that heal WITH SCARRING ✔✔MAJOR aphthous ulcers tx of major apthae ✔✔corticosteroids supernumerary teeth ✔✔gardners (clavicles present) or cleidocranial dysplasia tx of mucocele ✔✔surgical removal best material to oppose natural dentition ✔✔acrylic clinical picture of 14yo with inflamed gingival ✔✔leukemia best way to communicate outcome with lab ✔✔diagnostic wax up idea amt of undercut required for circumferential clasp ✔✔.01 inch reason for gingivitis during pregnancy ✔✔exaggerated gingival response to plaque due to inc in estrogen and progesterone tx of extra oral absess which is non-odontogenis in origin ✔✔hot compress tx of ranula ✔✔surgical removal tx for geographic tongue ✔✔none pt has short crown. which cement is best? ✔✔resin cement when do you NOT use a thyroid collar ✔✔taking PAN how often is autoclave checked ✔✔-once a week. -121 deg at 15-20 psi for 20 min. -check for b. stearothermophillus tx of candidiasis ✔✔nystatin tx of lichen planus ✔✔corticosteroids CPR- placement of palm and fingers ✔✔palm on lower sternum, fingers on xiphoid process are teeth vital in ameloblastomas? ✔✔yes sickle cell anemia ✔✔inc fatigue, inc in bone marrow space, dec trabeculation how do you reduce radiation dose? ✔✔rectangular collimation, E speed, higher kV or constant beam, lead apron, quality assurance program static before processing can result in ✔✔dark spot or lines on xray thrombocytopenia ✔✔ normal blood values( platelets, RBC [Show More]

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