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CDL Practice Test Quiz Latest Updated with Complete Solutions

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CDL Practice Test Quiz Latest Updated with Complete Solutions A railroad crossing is ahead of you and you are hauling hazardous material. When you stop for the crossing, you can stop as far away as... ____ feet from the nearest rail. Correct Answer-50 Who is responsible for safely transporting a hazardous material shipment without delay and keeping the shipping papers in the right place? Correct Answer-the driver You find an overheated tire during an enroute inspection. If you are hauling hazardous materials, you must: Correct Answer-Remove the tire and place it a safe distance from the vehicle. The intent of hazardous materials regulations is to ensure safety, to contain the material, and: Correct Answer-to communicate the risk The total transport index of all radioactive material packages in a single vehicle must not exceed ____. Correct Answer-50 You are going to be hauling hazardous materials over a route you do not know well. When should you check the route and get the permits needed for the trip: Correct Answer-before starting the trip Which three hazard classes should not be loaded into a trailer that has a heater / air conditioner unit. Correct Answer-flammable liquids flammable gas explosives What is the only exception to certification by a shipper? Correct Answer-Correct When the shipper is a private carrier of his own product. A truck carrying explosives has crashed with another vehicle. You should not pull them apart until. Correct Answer-correct The explosives have been placed at least 200 feet away from the vehicles and occupied buildings. [Show More]

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