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C100 WGU Objective Assessment Questions and Answers, Graded A

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1. What is true about the relationship between the humanities and technology? Technology has led to an increase in globalization by making the world smaller and connecting people together & technolo... gy has increased our ability to preserve, document, and share works a way that is unprecedented. 2. What theme is found in multiple historical periods? Individualism. 3. How do we identify themes in literary or artistic work? Look for the unifying or main ideas. 4. What is two details true of myths? They are traditional stories of a people or culture that are told to explain natural phenomena and record values and belief system from generation to generation & they utilize archetypes and symbols to find a deeper understanding of life. 5. Disciplines: a part of public ceremony, ritual, or entertainment dates back to the earlier human civilizations Dance 6. Disciplines: what stems from the early Greeks, with their development of tragedy and comedy Theater 7. Disciplines: concerned with the interplay of form and function. Architecture 8. Disciplines: can include any system of ethics, values, and beliefs. Religion 9. Which discipline of the Humanities is primarily concerned with critical inquiry and reasoned argument? Philosophy 10.The Bayeux Tapestry's depiction of the Norman Conquest of England fulfills which purpose of art? Art as political propaganda. 11.What are the humanities? The study of how the human race understands and documents the human experience through creative contributions in art, music, literature, philosophy, region, dance, etc. 12.What is an example of universal themes? Love and the Hero 13.What means "brotherly or selfless love"? Agape 14.What is a recurrent example or model of human behavior? Archetypes 15.What is an experience of beauty that is its own justification? Aesthetic [Show More]

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