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C100 WGU Objective Assessment Questions and Answers, Graded A

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C100 WGU Objective Assessment Questions and Answers, Graded A A 35-volume compilation of human knowledge that is viewed as one of the crowning achievements of Enlightenment thinking. Correct Answer... - Encyclopedie A first-person account that documents the inhumanity and human rights abuses enacted by slavery, which helped to gather support for the abolitionist movement. Correct Answer- The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass A Gothic novel in which a scientist, in pursuit of ultimate knowledge, brings a corpse to life. Correct Answer- Frankenstein A Gothic poem that represents the speaker's persistent grief over the death of his beloved. Correct Answer- The Raven A myth that is embraced by a majority of people throughout history. Correct AnswerMonomyth A play about heroic women who withhold sex from their husbands in order to end the Peloponnesian war and force a more democratic, egalitarian political climate. Correct AnswerLysistrata A play by Moliere that utilizes satire to expose hypocrisy and offer religious and social criticism. Correct Answer- Tartuffe A poem in free verse that explores the speaker's connection to humanity and to nature. Correct Answer- Leaves of Grass A recurrent example or model of human behavior Correct Answer- Archetypes A sculpture emphasizing the renewed learning from classical sources that focused on ideal human forms. Correct Answer- Michelangelo's David A story of a man who lives his life not knowing the truth of his parentage and whose pride ultimately causes him to ignore his flawed humanity, resulting in the ultimate punishment of blindness and exile. Correct Answer- Oedipus [Show More]

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