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NURS 4100 QSP Week4 Quiz. Question 1 - The purpose of this study was to: a. Describe patient safety incidents from emergency call records b. Explore patient safety incidents as described by patient... s in hospice care c. Explore patient safety incidents as described by health care team members d. Extract patient safety incidents from documentation in medical records Question 2 - The methodology used in this qualitative study is appropriate because: a. Administering a questionnaire with open-ended questions is the best method to described lived experiences b. Broad interview questions are the best method to describe lived experiences c. Observing patients and families in the hospice environment is the best method to describe patient safety issues d. Using focused interview questions requiring a yes or no answer is the best method to describe lived experiences Question 3 - The study design is: a. Ethnography b. Exploratory descriptive c. Grounded theory d. Historical Question 4 - The subjects selected to participate: a. Are a convenience sample which is appropriate for qualitative research b. Should have been randomly selected from the hospice agencies c. Should have been purposely selected based on years of experience in home hospice d. Would have provided better descriptions of issues if they had been identified through the snowball method Question 5 - The research team was described as meeting to discuss and corroborate on the coding. This method: a. Introduces bias into the data analysis process b. Is an accurate process in qualitative research c. Is a threat to the internal validity of the study d. Should have included several of the interviewees to expand the perspective of how to code the results Question 6 - The phase 2 data review panel is an appropriate process because it strengthens the ____________________ of the phase 1 results. a. Credibility b. Reliability c. Sustainability d. Validity Question 7 - The results of the study are presented as themes that emerged from the data analysis. To provide an accurate reflection, they need to be supported by: a. A table listing the number of times the theme was mentioned by the interviewees b. Direct quotes from previous studies that reported the same theme c. Direct quotes and examples from the interview transcription d. Paraphrased quotes from the interview transcription Question 8 - The summary of common patient safety harms and contributing factors that were categorized under the themes in Table 1 includes all but: a. Caregiver’s physical and/or cognitive limitations b. Medical errors made by the health care providers c. Patient or caregiver difficulty in understanding care instructions d. Poor or physically hazardous living conditions Question 9 - The most commonly cited contributing factor for patient safety incidents discussed in the phase 1 interviews was: a. Frail or debilitated patients living alone, or being left alone by caregivers b. Injuries from falls c. Medication diversion by family members or caregivers d. Non-adherence to instructions provided by the hospice team Question 10 - The limitations of the study were identified as: a. Sample size b. Selection of interview process c. The type of opening questions may have prompted responses from the interviewees d. The data analysis process Question 11 - The authors recommend additional research should be conducted. a. This is an expected result of qualitative research b. This should only be discussed in quantitative research articles c. This should be presented as a hypothesis to be tested d. This skews the results of the data analysis Question 12 - The researchers controlled bias and preconceptions by: a. Asking the interviewees to critique and recommend changes to the questions b. Recruiting participants from the Population-based Palliative Care Research Network c. Selecting interview questions from a national data bank of qualitative interview questions d. Using the International Classification for Patient Safety definition as a guide when developing the interview questions Question 13 - The data collection method was appropriate for qualitative research because it used: a. Administration of a questionnaire to families of hospice patients b. Extraction of patient safety incidents from medical records c. Interviewing health care providers about experiences with home hospice patient safety incidents which gives first- hand knowledge d. Participant observation of care being provided to home hospice patients Question 14 - Which of the following qualitative appraisal credibility criteria would be of concern to the nurse evaluating the results? a. Conducting the participant interviews by telephone b. Improving the interview guide to probe for additional types of patient safety incidents in the home c. The study was published in a non-peer reviewed journal d. Using a computer program with qualitative analysis software to assist in the data analysis Question 15 - Which statement accurately reflects analysis of the sample of 62 hospice workers in Phase 1? a. The sample is too small for qualitative research to provide any significant results. b. The sample is too large for the study to be classified as a qualitative study. c. Sample size isn’t of concern as sampling continues until data saturation is met. d. Sample size isn’t of concern as sampling continues until all interested persons have the opportunity to be interviewed. [Show More]

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