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NUR 2092 Exam 3 Evolve Questions & Answers, all 100% correct - Rasmussen College.

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NUR 2092 Exam 3 Evolve Questions & Answers Chapter 14: Eyes Decreased vision in an elderly patient may be due to which of the following conditions? The normal color of the optic disc is: Which of the ... following groups of individuals need to be tested for the presence of color blindness ( deficiency)? When inspecting the eyeballs of an African American individual, which of the following might the examiner expect to observe? A slight protrusion of the eyeballs may be noticed when examining individuals who come from which ethnic/cultural group? Which of the following statements regarding the results obtained from use of the Snellen chart is true? The extraocular muscles consist of four straight or __ muscles and two slanting or __ muscles. The lens of the eye functions as a: Which of the following findings is associated with Horner syndrome? The location in the brain where optic nerve fibers from the temporal fields of vision cross over is identified as the: Which of the following is an expected response on the cover test? Chapter 15: Ears When an otoscopic examination is performed on an older adult patient, the tympanic membrane may be: The tympanic membrane of a child with acute otitis media would be: Which of the following behaviors demonstrated by an individual may be indicative of hearing loss? The position of the tympanic membrane in the neonate is more __, making it more difficult to visualize with the otoscope. The labyrinth of the inner ear is responsible for maintaining the body’s: Binaural interaction at the level of the brainstem permits: The external structure of the ear is identified as the: If the tympanic membrane has white dense areas, the examiner suspects: Chapter 16: Nose, Mouth, Throat An enlarged tongue (macroglossia) may accompany: The duct in the parotid gland that opens into the mouth opposite the second molar is: What is the major cause of decreased saliva production in older adults? On examination of the mouth of an American Indian, the examiner notices the presence of a bifid uvula. How should this finding be interpreted? Which of the following pairs of sinuses is absent at birth, is fairly well developed between 7 and 8 years of age, and is fully developed after puberty? One of the purposes of the paranasal sinuses is to: The nasal mucosa of an individual with rhinitis would be: The examiner notices a fine tremor when the patient sticks out his or her tongue. What disorder is consistent with this finding? Which of the following questions would the examiner ask to determine whether an individual has epistaxis? In addition to initiating digestion of food, saliva: Chapter 18: Thorax & Lungs Which of the following pairs correctly expresses the relationship to the lobes of the lungs and their anatomic position? Percussion of the chest is: Which of the following voice sounds would be a normal finding? Which of the following is not included in the definition of the thoracic cage? A common clinical manifestation in a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is: The function of the trachea and bronchi is to: An increase in the transverse diameter of the chest cage in a pregnant woman is due to a(n): The gradual loss of intra-alveolar septa and a decreased number of alveoli in the lungs of elderly adults cause: Stridor is a high-pitched, inspiratory crowing sound commonly associated with: Increased tactile fremitus would be evident in an individual who has which of the following conditions? Inspiration is primarily facilitated by which of the following muscles? Chapter 19: Heart & Neck Vessels The first heart sound (S1) is produced by the: A bruit heard while auscultating the carotid artery of a 65-year-old patient is caused by: The ability of the heart to contract independently of any signals or stimulation is due to: The semilunar valves separate the: The leaflets of the tricuspid and mitral valves are anchored by __ to the __, which are embedded in the ventricular floor. Which of the following guidelines may be used to identify which heart sound is S1? The jugular venous pressure is an indirect reflection of the: Which of the following cardiac alterations occurs during pregnancy? When auscultating the heart of a newborn within 24 hours after birth, the examiner hears a continuous sound that mimics the sound of a machine. This finding most likely indicates: Which of the following is an appropriate position to have the patient assume when auscultating for extra heart sounds or murmurs? • Chapter 20: Peripheral Vascular System & Lymphatic System A patient has severe bilateral lower extremity edema. The most likely cause is: In young children, the thymus gland: Palpable inguinal lymph nodes are: Arteriosclerosis refers to: A water-hammer or Corrigan pulse is associated with: Claudication is caused by: One of the leg’s deep veins is the: In pulsus paradoxus: The cervical nodes drain the: Lymphedema is: [Show More]

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