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1. A parent tells the nurse that their 6 year-old child who normally enjoys school, has not been doing well since the grandmother died 2 months ago. Which statement most accurately describes thought... s on death and dying at this age? A) Death is personified as the bogeyman or devil B) Death is perceived as being irreversible C) The child feels guilty for the grandmother's death D) The child is worried that he, too, might die The correct answer is A: Death is personified as the bogeyman or devil 2. A 67 year-old client with non-insulin dependent diabetes should be instructed to contact the out-patient clinic immediately if the following findings are present A) Temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius with painful urination B) An open wound on their heel C) Insomnia and daytime fatigue D) Nausea with 2 episodes of vomiting The correct answer is B: An open wound on their heel 3. The nurse admits an elderly Mexican-American migrant worker after an accident that occurred during work. To facilitate communication the nurse should initially A) Request a Spanish interpreter B) Speak through the family or co-workers C) Use pictures, letter boards, or monitoring D) Assess the client's ability to speak English The correct answer is D: Assess the client's ability to speak English [Show More]

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