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NR 599 Week 8 Final Exam (Summer 2020) Question: Why is it difficult to integrate information from all hospital departments into a single hospital information system? Question: Which of the followin... g groups of activities represent challenges to the technologist when building an integrated hospital information system? Question: The conceptual components of informatics are: 4. Question: Several colleges have … that Wikipedia … banned as a resource for academic papers. Which of the following statements support that ban? Question: When would you use the word “and” in a literature search? Question: What is a refereed journal? Question: Several indexes to scholarly literature can … in the library. Which one of these indexes has the most applicability to the profession of Nursing? Question: Why are informatics nurse specialists and nurse scholars so interested in nursing nomenclatures, taxonomies, and classification? Question: How many classification systems are … by the American Nurses Association? Question: Which three data sets must be … together to complete the nursing process? Question: Which of the … are forces that impact the nursing profession and are causing a growing interest in information technology? Question: Which of the following statements is a definition of Nursing Informatics? Question: The functional components of informatics are: Question: The role of the Informatics Nurse Specialist (INS) encompasses multiple activities ranging from the development of Informatics theory to the ongoing maintenance & provision of enhancements to information systems. Which of the following statements describes the education, experience, & user groups that concern an INS? Question: Security can … defined as: Question: Beliefs about who generates, stores, retrieves, & uses information within an organization are known as the organizations: Question: Privacy can … defined as: Question: Confidentiality can … defined as: Question: As a nurse practitioner, you are … by a patient about the usefulness of a particular web site for health information. You do not know the web site and have no computer available to access the site in your office. Which of the following replies would … the most appropriate to make to your patient? Question: Why are nurses’ natural advocates of consumer health applications? Question: A consumer health care application can … described as: Question: The four areas in which Informatics Nurse Specialists practice are: Question: Which of the following are impediments to the successful implementation of a computerized medical record? Question: Which of the following statements represent conditions recommended by the Institute of Medicine for the future electronic health record? Question: Inputs in geographic information systems are frequently derived from: Question: Which of the following definitions best describes a Geographic Information System? Question: Which of the following are limitations of Geographic Information Systems? Question: Which of the following statements justifies the need for and use of standardized nursing languages? Question: Which of the following are characteristics of a POC (point-of-care) information system? Question: Which of the following statements reflect goals that health care facilities might consider when moving to a POC system? Question: Which of the following pairs of items are examples of quantitative benefits of point of care (POC) systems? Question: Which of the following pairs of items are examples of qualitative benefits of point of care (POC) systems? Question: To … able to effectively implement a point-of care system, you need all of the following except: Question: In moving a Hospital towards a POC system, multiple problems may emerge. Which of the statements listed below best describes a problem that may impact the entire institution? Question: Which of the following groups of items best represent the characteristics of a point of care system? Question: Which of the following situations represent drawbacks to implementing a POC system? Question: A nursing diagnosis is best … by which of the … statements? Question: In which stage of the five level patient record would information from alternative forms of health care … included? Question: Why is there an absence of nursing data in national and regional databases? Question: Which of the following statements best describes why the Nursing intervention classification (NIC) is important to Nursing Informatics? Question: Heuristics can … defined as the study of: Question: The thirteen data sets approved by the American Nurses Association include which of the following lists? Question: Knowledge can … defined as: Question: Knowledge can … transformed into which of the following Question: The information resources of a hospital are: Question: Healthcare computing in hospitals began in the 1980’s and continues to the present. Which of the following activities represents the first efforts (in the 1980’s) toward computerization of healthcare? Question: The older terminologies of health care computing have been … with more meaningful, descriptive terminologies that reflect the movement toward information as a resource. To this end, data entry is now known as:: Question: The information silos of old hospital systems are now … : Part II: True/False Questions Question: Access to patient-specific, agency-specific, & domain-specific data, information & knowledge, by nurses, has potential to improve ICU decision making Question: The management of information is the functional ability to collect, aggregate, organize, move & represent information in an economical, efficient way. Question: The traditional view of information in the health care environment has been … on the patient. Question: About 100 people in the US die each day because current paper base health care system introduces errors or delays treatment or limits what health care professionals know Question: Geographic Information Systems have been … in some form since the 1960’s. Question: Comprehensive patient care systems that effectively automate the medical record are not ready for implementation Question: The Continuity of Care Record (CCR) is intended to foster & improve continuity of patient care, to reduce medical errors, & to assure at least a minimum standard of health information transportability when a patient is referred or transferred to, or is otherwise seen by, another provider. Question: It is intrinsically necessary to understand how a system will … and who will use it. What follows is that the system users must have a voice in the development, design, and use. Question: An organizations’ philosophy of information use provides framework for development of security policies, procedures & practices within organization Question: Nursing Informatics has been … as an area of specialty nursing practice by the American Nurses Association. Question: A hospital database should contain data that facilitates analysis of traditional management questions relating to employees, salaries, & productivity. Question: A hospital database should contain data necessary to analyze work of clinical departments. Question: A hospital database which integrates data from several computer systems within the institution can directly support patient care. Question: Hospital databases should provide access to patient records for clinical research purposes. Question: New information needs of hospitals must include information that analyzes the cost of patient care & its interdependency with the quality of care. Question: Hospital Information Systems make it possible to collect & store large amounts of data beyond the institution’s immediate needs. Question: The traditional view of information in the health care environment has been … on the patient. Question: Clinical, empirical, & conceptual knowledge are essential components in the development of a discrete Nursing language. Question: The Health on the Net Foundation helps patients to evaluate health related web sites. Question: The professional and/or contractual duty to safeguard the secrecy of patient information regardless of how it is acquired, stored, processed, generated, retrieved, or transmitted is known as confidentiality. Question: Early hospital information systems were primarily used for non patient care procedures such as billing, payroll, & personnel. Question: Consumer health informatics can best … as tools that empower the patient to make more informed choices about healthcare issues. Part III: Essay Pick ONE of the following questions Question: Describe one of the VR simulations used in treating phobias. Question: It has been said that the promise of nanotechnology is to “allow doctors to execute curative & reconstructive procedures in the body at cellular & molecular levels. Discuss your concerns & opinions on the use of nanotechnology in medicine. What do you think are the ethical, legal, & moral dilemmas involved in developing & using this new technology? If you could extend life through the use of this technology, would you? Why or why not? Question: We know that nursing unit activities represent the core of patient care in the hospital. Discuss why nurses have been reluctant to become involved in the development and implementation of information systems in health care. Question: Nursing and technology frequently clash in the clinical practice area. Nurses rightly (or wrongly) think that technology interferes with their care of patients and that “high tech” means “high touch” is absent from care. Do you think this is true? Do nurses who are able to use technology (and do) sacrifice their ability to care for patients? Question: Discuss the potential uses of Geographic Information Systems in community health, epidemiology, public health, and hospital administration. Consider such topics as the aging population, distribution of health care, distribution of care services, and development of nursing knowledge.. [Show More]

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