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NR 566 Week 6 Quiz (100% Correct Collection) | Score 10 out of 10 | Highly RATED Paper

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Question: A 31-year-old female presents to the clinic with a malodorous vaginal discharge and is confirmed to have Trichomonas infection. Which of the following should the Nurse Practitioner prescribe... ? Question: Obese women may have … risk of failure with which contraceptive method? Question: Which of the following medications has the longest half-life? Question: A 20-year-old, sexually active female calls the office to report that she … 2 doses of the active pills in her combined oral contraceptive pack. She wants to know what she should do now. The Nurse Practitioner’s best response is which of the following? Question: Which of the following describes the correct mechanism of action for oral combined contraceptives to prevent pregnancy? Question: Which of the following drug increases the risk of osteoporosis? Question: Women with an intact uterus should …d with both estrogen and progestin, why? Question: The medroxyprogesterone (Depo Provera) injection has a Black Box Warning due to which of the following? Question: A 29-year-old male was … for gonorrhea. The Nurse Practitioner knows that ongoing monitoring is essential after treating for gonorrhea, which of the following is the correct timeframe to rescreen the patient? Question: Which of the following is the optimal maximum time frame for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or estrogen replacement therapy (ERT)? [Show More]

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