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NR 507 Week 2 Case Study Discussion - Part One (2018/19) 100%

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Week 2 t1 each discussion question must be answered on 3 different days responding to peers A five-month-old Caucasian female is brought into the clinic as the parent indicates that she has been hav... ing ongoing foul-smelling, greasy diarrhea. She seems to be small for her age and a bit sickly but, her parent's state that she has a huge appetite. Upon examination, you find that the patient is wheezing and you observe her coughing. After an extensive physical exam and work-up, the patient is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. 1. What is the etiology of cystic fibrosis? 2. Describe in detail the pathophysiological process of cystic fibrosis. 3. Identify hallmark signs identified from the physical exam and symptoms. 4. Describe the pathophysiology of complications of cystic fibrosis. 5. What teaching related to her diagnosis would you provide the parents? [Show More]

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