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ATI Adult Medical Surgical PROCTORED Exam 2021/22. Graded A

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1. Endtroacheal tube extubate what would you report immedatiely? - stridor 2. Why is stridor bad? - it means that there is an obstruction or edema in airway 3. What is heart rate like in someone who... has a low fluid volume? - higher than usual like 110 4. What is normal unrine gravity? - 1.000 - 1.030 5. What is positive pressure doing? - promote lung expansion and stabilize chest 6. Would you recomened exercise for a pt who has been discharged with heart failure? - yes 7. How often should exercise be in heart failure pt? - regular routine 8. Should you consume milk with iron supplements? - no can cause gastro disturbance. 9. Would you take iron with antacids? - no gastro disturb 10. Would you tell the pt to lower red meat intake with iron deficiency? - no because they would need increase 11. What is a common side effect with iron pills? - constipation 12. What would you tell them to eat with taking iron pills? - high fiber 13. When does pain worsen with compartement syndrome? - when passive moving occurs. 14. What does warmth under cast indicate? - infection 15. Should pt decrease complex carbs for atherosceleoris? - no 16. What carb should a client with [Show More]

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