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ATI Fundamentals test UPDATED 2022 45 Questions & Answers

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A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving enteral tube feedings due to dysphagia. Which of the following bed positions should the nurse use for safe care of this client? A. Supine B. Semi Fow... ler's C. Semi-Prone D. Trendelenburg - B A nurse is caring for a client who is sitting in a chair and asks to return to bed. Which of the following actions is the nurse's priority at this time? A. Obtain a walker for the client to use to transfer back to bed. B. Call for help with transfer C. Use transfer belt to assist client back to bed D. Determine clients ability to help with transfer - D A nurse is completing discharge instrucitons for pt with COPD. What demonstrates pt understanding with difficulty breathing at night? A. lie on back with head and shoulders on pillow B. Lie flat on stomach with head to one side. C. Sit on side of bed with arms over pillows on bedside table. D. Lie on side with weight on hip and should with arms flexed in front of her - C A nurse manager is reviewing guidelines for preventing injury with staff nurses. which of the following instructions should the nurse manager include. [Show More]

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