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ATI predictor exam 2021 PN. with 100% accurate answers

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hindu post mortem - dont touch the patient's body Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) Methicillin Resistant Enterococcus (MRE); Precaution? PPE? - Contact Precaution Gloves and Gown What ... is the signs of digoxin toxicity? - blurred vision Patient taking warfarin and INR is 5 what to do? - vitamin k Patient reports frequent vomitting what's the indication that the patient have hyperemesis gravidum - Ketonuria Proteinuria indication of what in pregnancy - Preeclampsia Blurred vision during pregnancy is an indication of - Preeclampsia Newborn normal heart rate - 110-160 Dorsalis pedis location - front of the foot Bathing infant - Sponge until the cord falls off A nurse is teaching at a community health fair about electrical fire prevention. Which of the following information should the nurse include in the teaching? A. Use three pronged grounded plugs. B. Cover extension cords with a rug. C. Check the tingling sensations around the cord to ensure the electricity is working. D. Remove the plug from the socket by pulling the cord. - A. Use three pronged grounded plugs. What signs that indicates effectiveness of levothyroxine? - weigh loss measure abdominal girth daily - Ascites Clean traechostomy - from inward to outward motion Lumbar puncture what to expect after - headache candiasis - white milky substance occupational therapy - when patient having trouble with upper extremities like feeding self therapist for swallowing - Speech therapy Palliative care purpose - quality of life and comfort Pacrealipase - take with meals HIgh ph and abnormal pac02 - respiratory alkalosis A nurse is caring for a client who has a hearing impairment. When speaking to the client, the nurse should incorporate which of the following communication methods? - -make sure room is lite 44. Which of the following foods is a patient to avoid for 2 days before collecting a stool sample for guaiac testing? [Show More]

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