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ATI Community Health Nursing Proctored Focus. 30 pages of rated A masterpiece.

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Care of specific populations: Migrants Migrant workers health problems include: - 1. Dental disease 2. TB 3. Chronic conditions 4. Stress, anxiety, & other mental health conditions 5. Leukemia... 6. Iron deficiency anemia 7. Stomach, uterine, & cervical cancers 8. Lack of prenatal care 9. Higher infant mortality rates Primary Prevention for Rural or Migrant Health care: - -educate on measures to reduce exposure to pesticides -teach on accident prevention -prenatal care -mobilize preventative services (dental, immunizations) Secondary Prevention measures for Rural/Migrant Health care: - SCREENING! screen for: -pesticide exposure -skin cancer -chronic preventable diseases -communicable diseases Tertiary Prevention measures for Rural/Migrant Health care: - -treat for symptoms of pesticide exposure -mobilize primary care and emergency services Client's rights include... - -right to info disclosure -privacy -informed consent -info confidentiality -participation in treatment decisions Autonomy - respecting a client's right to choose (i.e. refusing chemo) Nonmaleficence - doing no harm Beneficence - maximize benefits and minimize possible harms Justice situation: - determining eligibility for health care services based on income and fiscal resources HIPAA rules about information security: - -only staff assigned to the patient may view/read client's health record (no other nurses or doctors) -client's have the right to read or obtain a copy of their health record -nurses may not photocopy any part of med record except for authorized exchange of docs between facilities & providers -staff must keep records/names of client in secured place -electronic records are password protected -no sharing info to family members w/out code in person, email, or phone call -talking about a client must be in a private setting so no one can overhear HIPAA info security protocols include: - -log off computer before leaving workstation -never share ID or password -never leave med records where ppl can see it -shred any printed info about client after use -don't use or view social media in clinical settings -no posting about clinical stuff Caring for a client with gonorrhea: - -nationally notifiable disease -women are frequently asymptomatic -CDC recommends yearly screening for all sexually active women 25 yrs or older or w/risk factors -at risk pregnant women must be screened at first prenatal visit -identify & treat all partners -admin erythromycin to all infants following delivery -ceftriaxone IM or azithromycin PO -it is the responsibility of the provider to report gonorrhea to local health dept -state notification to CDC is voluntary -if left untreated in women it can lead to PID which can cause infertility Referrals: Client barriers include: - -lack of motivation -inadequate info about community resources -inadequate understanding of the need for referral -accessibility needs -priorites [Show More]

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