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West Georgia Technical College - PHILOSOPHY 201 > 2019 Latest Questions & Answers 100% A+ Work.

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PHIL 201 QUIZ - 2 • Question 1 The first and perhaps most primary law of logic is: • Question 2 The law of excluded middle states • Question 3 ... “Something is or is not” comes under the category of a law of logic: • Question 4 In a valid deductive argument the conclusion follows necessarily from the premises. • Question 5 The Latin phrase that means ‘it does not follow’ is: • Question 6 The fallacy of equivocation occurs when the meaning of a significant term changes in the middle of an argument. • Question 7 This fallacy occurs when an argument is distorted to an extreme and becomes a false imitation of the original argument: • Question 8 A fallacy of relevance: • Question 9 One should avoid using emotional language in an argument as it usually distorts and misleads the argument. • Question 10 Identify the fallacy: There are more churches in New York City than in any other city in the USA. New York City also has the highest amount of violent crime than any other city. It’s pretty obvious that to relieve the crime problem we should reduce the churches. • Question 11 Plausibility is the aspect of a best explanation approach that • Question 12 A best explanation approach is often the best way to argue because many issues in philosophy do not have perfect solutions. • Question 13 Explanatory Scope refers to: • Question 14 In the best explanation approach, illumination • Question 15 The term for beliefs relating together in a way that is mutually supportive: • Question 16 A sound deductive argument could be invalid. • Question 17 Invalid deductive arguments are the same as inductive arguments. • Question 18 An inductive argument is measured in degrees of probability: • Question 19 The formal procedure for writing out a deductive argument is called • Question 20 Type of argument that begins with a problem with an unknown explanation, forms a theory and tests the theory. [Show More]

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