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HESI A2 (Anatomy & Physiology) V1/V2. Comprehensive questions with accurate answers. Graded A+

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What is a characteristic of viral herpes - Skin Eruption When a boxer gets hit & has a deviated septum? - Vomer (in nose) Which of the following is a structure found in the upper respiratory? - ... Pharynx A person who has damage to their ulnar nerve will have decreased sensation in? - Arm, inability to abduct arms and fingers Which bone does not articulate with any other bone? - Hyoid Bone Which of the following statements best describes endocrine glands? - They secrete chemicals into the blood, growth, metabolism, sexual development and function Diet is important because bone are storage places for? - Calcium & Phosphorus Which organ is part of both the male reproductive system and urinary system? - Urethra Ligaments provide which connection? - Bone to bone Which structure conducts urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder? - Ureter Anaerobic respiration can lead to a burning sensation cause by which molecule? - Lactic Acid As a part of the negative feedback system, which type of cell is stimulated to re-absorb bone matrix in response to a decrease in calcium in the blood? - Osteoclasts (break down bone so it can release Ca+ into interstitial fluid) Sweat on the skin's surface cools the body through which process? - Evaporation When assessing a female client who describes herself as a vegetarian and the nurse notes that she has a unusual skin color. The nurse should ask the client if she has eaten a large amount of? - Carrot and squash Which hand position describes an anatomical position of a person who is standing erect with feet forward? - Palms facing anterior Which structure is a ball & socket joint? - Shoulder Which anatomical structure houses the malleus, incus & stapes? - Skull & Ear What are like cells grouped together called? - Tissue The pulse point located behind the knee is palpated over which artery? - Popliteal Ceruminous (aprocrine) glands secrete? - Earwax What type of synovial joint is the elbow? - Hinge What occurs when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated / increased? - Cardiac output Where does digestion begin in the digestive system - Oral cavity Which cell structure regulates the transport of substances in & out of a cell? - Plasma Membrane The mediastinum is located within which cavity? - Thoracic cavity What is the effect of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter? - Involved with mood, anxiety, sleep, happiness, appetite What is the response of cells in the collecting tubules in nephrons when antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is secreted? - H2O is re-absorbed from urinary filtrate What is the function of thrombocytes (platelets)? - Blood clotting Which muscle of the quad femoris group lies on the outer side surface of lower extremity? - Vastus Lateralis Which structure is located on the sternum - Xiphoid Process The occipital region is located in which part of the body? - Head / Skull Which structure carries oxygen to the cells? - Hemoglobin Which gland is commonly known as the "Master Gland?" - Pituitary Gland [Show More]

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