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ATI RN COMPREHENSIVE EXIT EXAM Flashcards _ Quizlet (1).Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 452

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ATI RN COMPREHENSIVE EXIT EXAM 1,858 terms Pierate Terms in this set (1858) diet for chronic renal failure low protein & potassium DM pt teaching change shoes, wash bfeet w/soap & water pulse pr... essure subtract systolic value from diastolic value lantus never mix, long lasting, no peak rhogam given @ 28 weeks & 72 hours post delivery when mom is negative & baby positive indication of baby dehydration improving smooth fontannel pt w/orthostatic hypotension put near nursing station cleaning a wound clean to dirty use bulb syringe peripheral arterial disease cramp in leg while walking intermitment claudication seizure precautions supine position [Show More]

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