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Unit 4 Milestone 4 with answers.docx. questions with accurate answers. GRADED A+

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Although nuclear energy is not based on fossil fuels, why is it considered a nonrenewable energy source?  It is dependent on a limited, mined mineral.  It can only be used for brief periods of... time without causing environmental damage.  It takes hundreds to thousands of years to break down its byproducts.  It is not a process that occurs naturally on the planet. 2 Choose the statement about the carbon footprint that is FALSE.  It is a tool that measures the use of non-renewable energy sources.  It is used to increase awareness of environmental impact.  It is one factor that contributes to an ecological footprint.  It can be determined for an individual, a population, or a region. 3 Which of the following is an effect of ozone layer depletion?  Emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis are more prevalent.  Bodies of water become acidic, disrupting ecosystems.  Increased levels of lead, radon, or asbestos.  Increased rates of skin cancer. 4 Stanley hires a company to trim the trees in his yard. Afterward, he burns the branches, twigs, and scraps in his fireplace. Which of the following kinds of energy is Stanley using to heat his home?  Geothermal  Fossil fuels  Photovoltaic  Biomass 5 Which effect of climate change will prompt changes in agricultural practices?  Decreased rainfall affects hydroelectric energy produced by a dam.  Warming temperatures bring new pests into an area.  Part of a beach erodes due to rising sea levels.  Heat-related deaths rise for a population as temperatures increase. 6 To use biomass as an energy source to heat a home, one would need a __________. This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from CourseHero.com on 03-31-2022 02:43:22 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/62136309/Unit-4-Milestone-4-with-answersdocx/  Coal-burning furnace  Wood-burning stove  Tank in which to store oil  Furnace that uses natural gas 7 Industry, forestry, and energy production are top sources of greenhouse gases. Of the remaining sources listed below, which produces the greatest amount of greenhouse gases?  Agriculture  Transportation  Water and wastewater  Residential and commercial buildings 8 When analyzing environmental issues, scientists try to predict future states or events, which is difficult because so many factors are unknown. N [Show More]

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