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College Algebra Unit 4 - Milestone 4 with answers!. LATEST MASTERPIECE. GRADED A+. 100% APPROVED PASS RATE

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18 questions were answered correctly. 2 questions were answered incorrectly. 1 Angela is an electrical engineer who is testing the voltage of a circuit given a certain current and resistance. She ... uses the following formula to calculate voltage: The circuit she tests has a current of amps and a resistance of ohms. What is the voltage of the circuit? • volts • volts. correct • volts • volts RATIONALE The voltage of the circuit is the product of the current and resistance. Recall that we can write as and as . and can combine to . Now we can simplify the last term, , which contains the imaginary unit squared. Recall that the is equivalent to , which can be substituted in our expression. The expression multiplies to Next, combine like terms. Once we have expressed voltage in terms of , we need to multiply these two complex numbers by using FOIL. Multiply the first terms , the outside terms , the inside terms , and the last terms . Next, evaluate each multiplication. is replaced by . Next, evaluate . CONCEPT Complex Numbers in Electrical Engineering 2 Perform the multiplication and combine like terms. • • correct • • RATIONALE The voltage is equivalent to , or . times is equal to . Finally, combine like terms and . When FOILing, multiply the first terms, outside terms, inside terms, and last terms together. Once the binomials have been multiplied together, evaluate the multiplication. The will need to be multiplied by everything inside the parentheses. When multiplying these two terms, we will start by distributing into . To multiply a set of three binomials, we can choose any two binomials to multiply using FOIL, and then distribute the remaining binomial to get a final product. Here, we will use FOIL to multiply , but you can choose any two binomials to start. and combined is . can be expressed as . We still need to distribute the third binomial, . is equivalent to . The next step is to combine like terms, and . CONCEPT Multiplying Polynomials 3 Divide the following expression. • times equals . This is one part of the final product. We will distribute into as well. times equals . This is another part of the final product. The final step is to add these two parts together. When multiplying these two terms, we will start by distributing into . This is the final product of the three binomials, found by adding the two p [Show More]

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