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Sophia - Environmental Science - Unit 4 Milestone 4.docx. QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERRS. RATED A+

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Choose the statement about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources that is NOT true.  There has been little to no recent growth in renewable energy use due to a lack of environmental concerns ... with the use of fossil fuels.  Most nonrenewable energy sources can be renewed, but it takes thousands to millions of years for them to form.  New technologies promise future increases in the use of renewable energy sources.  Renewable energy creates little or no waste and has few negative environmental impacts. CONCEPT Non-Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Energy 2 The U.S. policy toward energy supply and demand has included all of the following EXCEPT __________.  providing subsidies for oil  seeking to increase fuel supplies  preventing the free market from determining which energy sources to use  adopting some policies to reduce energy demands CONCEPT Efforts to Address Energy Issues 3 Which of the following describes a natural source of air pollution?  During their vacation, Jim and his family drove their car through several national parks.  A dust storm in 1983 dumped 1,000 pounds of topsoil onto the city of Melbourne, Australia.  Diesel exhaust from idling school buses is a concern for some parents.  Oil refineries on the Gulf Coast release benzene and other volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. CONCEPT Air Pollution 4 Select the energy source that is non-renewable.  Individual solar cells charge calculator and watch batteries.  Petroleum is used to make gasoline, jet fuel and propane gas.  Corn is converted into ethanol.  Windmills harness the wind's energy to pump groundwater. CONCEPT This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from CourseHero.com on 03-31-2022 02:45:50 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/66135271/Sophia-Environmental-Science-Unit-4-Milestone-4docx/ Energy Renewable Energy Non-Renewable Energy 5 Choose the true statement about sources of air pollution in the United States.  Stationary sources of air pollution are also point sources.  Natural sources of air pollution include household products.  Non-point sources of air pollution are easier to monitor and control.  Mobile sources contribute about half of man-made pollution emissions. CONCEPT Air Pollution 6 One sunny afternoon, Max tried an experiment. He cut the ends off several plastic bottles and slid them over a length of hose. He ran a little water through the hose and left it in the yard for about an hour. When he returned and tur [Show More]

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