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Unit 4 - Milestone 4.docx. Questions and answers. Rated A Masterpiece. 100% pass rate.

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Zehra works with a software development team. One of his tasks is to define the overall structure of an application and divide it into components to be developed. What is Zehra's role on the softwa... re development team?  Programmer  Project Manager  Software Analyst  Software Designer RATIONALE Zehra's role on the software development team is Software Designer. Software Designers use scientific and mathematical principles to develop applications for multiple purposes (e.g., games, operating systems, and applications). They determine what a program should do, based on user needs, then create and test it to ensure its functionality. CONCEPT The Software Development Team 2 All of the following tasks are suitable for automated processes, EXCEPT:  Parveen has a large budget, and he has other things to accomplish while tests run.  Devin wants to ensure that her test results are accurate and reliable.  Ranji’s tests must occur quickly, to enable scheduling in the future.  Linda must complete several tests and has ample time in which to do so. RATIONALE Automation is an appropriate option for a process that is scheduled to start at a specific time, or at recurrent times. Automation is also recommended to ensure accurate and reliable test results. It can collect, organize, and manage data related to the test process. However, a manual approach should be considered when only a few tests are necessary, and time is not a factor. CONCEPT The Impacts of Automation 3 Gail is examining software to determine what happens when an operator makes a mistake while in data entry mode. Gail is addressing the dimension of usability known as __________.  satisfaction  visibility  error management  efficiency RATIONALE Gail focuses on software usability evaluation. She deals with error management related to data entry. CONCEPT Usability 4 Jeffrey consults with company leaders to identify ways in which IT can help the organization to reach its goals. Jeffrey is working in a/an __________ role for his company.  infrastructure and equipment management  planning  information technology support  network development and maintenance RATIONALE Jeffrey's role is planning, which involves consulting with an organization's leaders to identify ways in which IT can help that organization to achieve its goals. Jeffery is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of planned activities, and exercising control of his organization's IT resources, to ensure improvement and success. CONCEPT Information Technology in the Workplace 5 Smartphones and tablets currently outsell laptop and desktop computers. This statement describes the trend known as __________.  automation  personalization  visualization  mobilization RATIONALE Mobile technology, including mobile devices (smartphones), mobile apps, and mobile operating systems (Android, iOS), has created a trend towards mobilization. The next generation of smartphones will be context-aware, and will make use of the growing availability of embedded physical sensor [Show More]

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