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Unit 3 Challenge 1 For a utilitarian, which consideration is most important? Answer: The consequences of an action Why is utilitarianism an objectivist or relativist theory? Answer: Utilitarianism... is objectivist because it asserts that everyone should act to increase utility. Which of the following considerations is important for a utilitarian when evaluating the morality of an action? Answer: How many people the action affects Elizabeth likes drinking coffee from a certain company which treats its farmers poorly and pollutes the environment. How would a utilitarian classify Elizabeth's action? Answer: Impermissible Frank is considering donating the excess from a recent bonus to a local shelter instead of spending it on himself. How would a utilitarian classify this action? Answer: Obligatory Gerrie steals from her neighbor's family to feed hers. Her neighbor's two kids go hungry, but her two kids get fed. How would a utilitarian classify this action? Answer: Neutral David is the wealthiest resident in his neighborhood. Some of his poorer neighbors have hacked his wireless internet so they can save money for more important things like food and health insurance. Many people say this action is immoral— that it’s a type of theft. How might it be evaluated by a utilitarian? This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from on 03-29-2022 09:24:12 GMT -05:00 Answer: Hacking David’s internet is morally right because it brings about happiness for his neighbors, who can’t afford it otherwise, without any harm to him. An ethics teacher promises to bring in cookies if every student gets an A on their homework today. But Gina forgot to do her ethics homework, so she pulls the fire alarm right when her ethics class is supposed to start. By the time the school is evacuated and any possibility of a fire ruled out, it’s time for the next class. Gina thus ends up with another day to finish her assignment and get an A. Many people would say this action is immoral. How might it be evaluated by a utilitarian? Answer: Pulling the fire alarm is morally right because it will prevent the unhappiness Gina, her classmates, and her teacher would otherwise have, without any real negative consequences. Tabitha’s neighbors are annoyed by the types of plants she grows in her yard. After several attempts at talking to her, digging up her plants in the night, and even running her out of the neighborhood, Tabitha’s annoying behavior has not changed. One neighbor suggests they just kill her. Most people would agree that such an action is clearly immoral. How might it be evaluated by a utilitarian? Answer: Killing Tabitha is morally right because the happiness it brings all her neighbors will outweigh the harm to her. Which of the following represents act utilitarianism? Answer: Neil sends his children to bed without supper because they need to learn to behave properly. Larry stops supporting a local charity because he doesn't agree with some of its work. Which of the following represents rule utilitarianism? Answer: Marie takes her son to the hospital after he gets injured playing with fire because she would do so for any injury. Which of the following pairs of goods are probably different in kind according to idealist utilitarianism? Answer: A human life and a good movie On which of the following statements would a hedonic utilitarian and an idealist utilitarian disagree? Answer: Some goods are different in k [Show More]

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