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SS 2000 A Sophia College Readiness Milestone 1 {2020} – Kaplan University Sophia College Readiness Milestone 1 
1 You are reading  a course description in the course catalog and you see t... he word prerequisites listed next to some course names.  What does this mean? • These courses should be completed after you have completed this class. • These are the courses you need to complete before you take this class. • These courses are for students who have similar interests and abilities. • These are similar courses that are recommended by your instructor. RATIONALE Prerequisites are courses that you need to complete before you can take a more advanced course. CONCEPT Interpreting the Course Catalog  2 You want to use a TED talk video in an assignment. 

Do you have to cite this source? • Yes, because TED talk videos are one of the few media resources that require this. • Yes, because this is not a video you personally created. • No, because it's just a video. • No, because TED talks are in the public domain. RATIONALE Any media you include that you did not personally create needs to be cited. Check your resources for the specifics on how to cite images in the preferred style of your instructor. CONCEPT Avoiding Plagiarism  3 Which of the following is true about the process of course registration? • Paying your tuition prior to registration is necessary.  • You should wait until the term begins to register for classes. • Your advisor is in charge of registering you for classes. • You must understand when and how to register. RATIONALE Before you enroll in classes, you should understand your school's process for registering. In higher education a "registration window" is common. If your school has this, it means that you can only register during the timeframe designated for you. 
Most schools send out instructions to you when your registration window is open. To be on the safe side, you may want to contact the registrar's office or your academic advisor so you can get the details in advance. CONCEPT Course Registration  4 You just downloaded the syllabus for your course.  What would you expect to find? • A study guide containing the key points from all of the content covered in the course. • An example of the projects or papers completed by previous students. • Course objectives, policies, grading criteria, required supplies, assignment due dates. • A list of all of the courses that your school offers and for each course a description, name, and course number. RATIONALE The syllabus typically contains all of this information and additional information to help you be successful in the course. CONCEPT The Purpose and Content of a Syllabus  5 You are working on a group project. One of the students in your group has not completed the work they were responsible for. 

What is one thing you should NOT do? • Follow through on your portion of the project. • Do their portion of the work for them. • Talk to the person about the issue directly and respectfully. • Contact your instructor about the matter if you are unable to resolve the issue. RATIONALE The best thing you can do on a group project is to follow through on what you are responsible for. If you talk to the person who has not completed their portion of the project and that does not resolve the issue, you may decide that it is best to involve the instructor; however, it is preferable if you are able to work things out as a group. CONCEPT Group Projects  6 Who is the best person to talk to if you're unsure if a course is a fit for your level of experience, interests, and goals? • Your academic advisor • Your mother • The instructor • Your peers RATIONALE Your academic advisor is a specialist at helping you find courses that are a good fit. You can talk to them about your interests and goals and they will provide suggestions. Ultimately, you are responsible for enrolling, but your advisor can help you narrow down your options when registration feels overwhelming.  CONCEPT Selecting the Right Course  7 What is NOT a benefit of a diverse student body? • You will learn how to get along with people that are different than you. • You will always find that everyone agrees with you. • You will see the issues and topics you discuss in class in a new way. • You will broaden your knowledge and skills by learning from others. RATIONALE The other students will not always agree with you, but diverse people and ideas give you the advantage of seeing concepts through many different lenses, which will make you a better informed person if you can keep an open mind.  CONCEPT Diversity in Higher Education  8 You are writing a paper on Plato. A quick web search reveals other student papers that you could cut and paste into your own paper. This would make it so much easier, and the instructor would never know that this isn't your work. 

Should you do this? • No, because this is not a nice thing to do. • No, because this is plagiarism. • Yes, because your instructor won't know about it. • Yes, because it's going to make it easier for you. RATIONALE You should never present the work or ideas of another person as your own because this is plagiarism. Your instructor would easily be able to detect plagiarism, and the consequences would be severe when you get caught. CONCEPT Plagiarism in Higher Education  9 It is always appropriate for you to share your opinion in class discussions. Is this statement true or false? • True, because diverse viewpoints help everyone learn. • True, because you are always free to speak your mind. • False, because you need to wait for a time when your viewpoint is being asked for. • False, because your opinion is never welcome in class. RATIONALE While there will be many opportunities for you to express yourself in higher education, there are times that it may not be appropriate to share your opinion. Ask yourself if it's the right time and place to share your perspective, and if it is, formulate a statement  that expresses your viewpoint while being respectful of your classmates and your instructor. CONCEPT Interacting with Your Peers  10 A syllabus is a document you need to spend time reading and thinking about when you receive it. Is this statement true or false? • True, because many of the details you need to be successful in the course are in the syllabus. • False, because your instructor will go over everything you need to know about the course. • False, because your instructor will go over everything you need to know about the course. • True, because this is where you find your classmates' contact information. RATIONALE Take the time to read the syllabus as you would an important assignment. Instead of skimming, read the whole document. Pause to consider things as you read, and think about any related questions you may have for your instructor that the syllabus does not cover. CONCEPT Using a Syllabus  11 Your instructor in higher education is likely to have or be working on an advanced degree in their field.  Is this statement true or false? • True, because all instructors in higher education are required by law to do this. • False, because an advanced degree is NOT an indicator of expertise on a particular topic.  • True, because an advanced degree is an indicator of expertise on a particular topic. • False, because most instructors in higher education do not have these types of degrees. RATIONALE Instructors in higher education are teaching at the school because they have demonstrated mastery in their field. Many have advanced degrees or may be in the process of completing one. CONCEPT The Role of an Instructor in Higher Education  12 What is NOT an example of cheating? • Taking notes and creating your own study guide. • Turning in someone else's work as your own. • Using your phone to look up answers during a proctored exam. • Sharing answers on an exam with your classmates. RATIONALE It's a good idea to create your own study guide, as long as you do not use it to cheat with. CONCEPT Cheating in Higher Education  13 You have something you'd like to discuss with your instructor.

What is the best time to communicate with them? • Anytime. • During their office hours. • During the class discussion. • Just before class. RATIONALE If your instructor has office hours, this is the ideal time and place to introduce yourself and address any questions or concerns you may have. If they don't have office hours, contact them via email to schedule a convenient time to meet. CONCEPT Interacting with Your Instructor  14 Why should you avoid cheating? • It improves your relationship with your classmates. • It gives you confidence. • It improves your grades. • It preserves your integrity. RATIONALE Doing your own work and avoiding cheating means that you have integrity and care about learning. In higher education, the experience of actually learning is more important than achieving the grade. CONCEPT Avoiding Cheating [Show More]

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