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You passed this Milestone All questions were answered correctly. 1 Which of the following characteristics describe this image? ● Impasto, mixed media ● Texture, mixed media ● Brushstroke, ... impasto ● Brushstroke, texture CONCEPT Texture, Tactility 2 Which of the following is the best definition of archaeology? ● Study of human history and prehistory by excavating sites and analyzing artifacts ● Study of the past through an analysis of written documents ● Study of the development, structure, and function of a human society ● Study of all aspects of popular culture and everyday life in a civilization CONCEPT Art History and Other Disciplines 3 Which of the following achievements in art history is attributed to Giorgio Vasari? ● Pioneered the biographical approach to the study of art history ● Founded the academic study of the history and development of the visual arts ● Authored some of the earliest recorded historical descriptions of works of art ● Introduced the idea that works of art should be analyzed in the context of the culture and time period in which they were created CONCEPT What Is Art History? 4 Select the option that is true about the image below. ● Emphasis on cold colors ● Uses a single type of line ● Contains primary color ● Strong use of saturated color CONCEPT Evaluating Color and Composition 5 Which of the following is an example of visual communication? ● A musical composition ● Propaganda ● Critical thinking ● Hypnosis CONCEPT The Importance of Vision and Visual Culture 6 Which of the following is a definition of "canon?" ● Works of art that are considered to be most important for study ● Concerned with beauty or appreciation of beauty ● An artist's body of work ● An object designed for its aesthetic appeal CONCEPT Art History: Past and Present 7 An object created by human beings that is of cultural interest is a(n) __________. ● natural object ● work of genius ● masterpiece ● artifact CONCEPT What Is a Work of Art? 8 Considering the context and larger meaning of a work of art is known as __________. ● art appreciation ● connoisseurship ● art history ● artistic movement CONCEPT Art History vs. Art Appreciation 9 Which of the following is a characteristic of this image? ● Only uses secondary colors ● Strong use of primary colors ● Uses high value colors ● Use of complementary colors CONCEPT Color 10 Which of the following works is an example of experimental media? 1 2 3 4 CONCEPT Experimental Media 11 Which of the following characteristics are present in this image, which is an example of photography? ● Intaglio, two-dimensional ● Photo-sensitive, relief ● Two-dimensional, photo-sensitive ● Relief, intaglio CONCEPT Works on Paper: Drawing, Printmaking, Photography 12 The use of intersecting lines in a drawing to indicate areas of shadow and depth is called __________. ● cross-hatching ● negative space ● modeling ● hatching CONCEPT Space and Volume 13 Which word describes a system in which buyers compete to purchase works of art by offering increasingly higher bids? ● Oeuvre ● Canon ● Art market ● Auction CONCEPT The Art Market 14 Which of the following formal elements are present in this building? ● Dynamism, balance ● Balance, asymmetry ● Symmetry, balance ● Asymmetry, dynamism CONCEPT Symmetry 15 Which of the following is a characteristic of this painting? ● It has a high degree of naturalism, depicting the landscape realistically as it appears to the eye. ● It is an example of mixed media in which the artist uses a variety of mediums to create the finished work of art. ● It is an example of representation. While not intended to be highly realistic, it is still a recognizable depiction of a landscape. ● It is an example of Illusionism in which the artist is attempting to convince the viewer that the subject matter is actually real. CONCEPT Form and Shape 16 Which of the following works is an example of new media in art? 1 2 3 4 CONCEPT New Media 17 Which of the following is a definition of aesthetic? ● Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty ● An artist’s body of work ● An object that has been designed for its visual appeal, or an object that has come to be appreciated as a work of art ● A person who creates works of visual beauty CONCEPT What Is an Artist? 18 Which of the following is the correct definition of context? ● Looking at two works of art at the same time and considering how they are different, and how they are similar ● A tendency or style in art, involving the pursuit of a shared philosophy or goal, for a finite period of time ● The historical, social, political, religious, and geographical situations in which works of art are created ● Understanding works of art by considering their physical, or formal, qualities CONCEPT Artistic Movement 19 The visual conventions used to depict the Buddha in art are examples of __________. ● metaphor ● symbolism ● abstraction ● iconography CONCEPT Iconography 20 Which of the following best describes the subject matter of this painting? ● Self-portrait ● Landscape ● Still life ● Narrative CONCEPT Subject Matter 21 Which of the following elements is present in this image? ● High value colors ● Rectilinear shapes ● Bilateral symmetry ● Expressive line CONCEPT Line 22 Which of the following is a characteristic of this work of art? ● Photo-sensitive ● Traditional media ● Three-dimensional ● Land art CONCEPT Understanding the Differences between Media 23 Why is the building below, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an example of site specificity? ● Because it would be possible to reconstruct the building in another location. ● Because it symbolizes elements of nature, such as the waterfall, found nearby. ● Because it is intended to disrupt the environment in which it was built. ● Because it was specifically designed to blend into its surroundings. CONCEPT Architecture 24 Which of the following elements is present in this image? ● Rectilinear lines ● Impasto ● Naturalism ● Positioning CONCEPT Perspective 25 Which of the following groups of terms refer to types of painting? ● Tempera, encaustic, additive ● Encaustic, acrylic, tempera ● Additive, intaglio, casting ● Acrylic, intaglio, casting CONCEPT Painting 26 In the Allegory of the Art of Painting by Jan Vermeer, what object appears in the foreground? ● The artist on the stool ● The map on the wall ● The curtain to the left of the chair ● The girl in the blue dress CONCEPT Composition 27 Select the term that does NOT apply to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa. ● Masterpiece ● Traditional media ● Two-dimensional ● Experimental media CONCEPT Interpreting Works of Art 28 The style of artists from West Africa represents which type of style? ● Group style ● Regional style ● Personal style ● Period style CONCEPT Style 29 Which of the following is the correct definition of carving? ● Creating a sculpture by pouring a liquid into a mold and letting it harden before removing the mold ● Creating a sculpture by scraping away or removing material from a hard substance until the desired shape emerges ● Creating a sculpture by combining pieces of clay to resemble a desired shape ● Creating a sculpture by combining a series of found objects CONCEPT Sculpture 30 _____________________ is the organized worship of a higher power or supreme being. ● Society ● Politics ● Culture ● Religion CONCEPT Connecting Cultures and Time Periods 31 Which of the following is the correct definition of an art appraiser? ● Someone who determines the monetary value of works of art ● Someone who combines text and pictures in advertisements or other media ● Someone who acquires and classifies books and journal articles on the arts ● Someone who creates exhibits for museums CONCEPT Careers in Art History © 2020 SOPHIA Learning, LLC. SOPHIA is a registered trademark of SOPHIA Learning, LLC. [Show More]

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