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Environmental Science Final Milestone | All answers are 100% correct | Graded A+

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Which of the following correctly defines an ecosystem?  Living organisms interacting with nonliving components in a specific area  The number and abundance of species living in a certain are... a  A relationship between humans and nature in which resources can be used indefinitely  Services that humanity benefits from, including water purification and soil formation CONCEPT Biodiversity Sustainability 2 Which of the following is an effect of ozone layer depletion?  Bodies of water become acidic, disrupting ecosystems.  Levels of lead, radon or asbestos increase.  Emphysema, asthma and bronchitis are more prevalent.  There is an increased rate of skin cancer. CONCEPT Impacts of Air Pollution 3 Choose the statement that is NOT true about energy and trophic levels.  Primary productivity is dependent on sunlight, moisture and temperature.  Six is considered to be the maximum number of trophic levels in any ecosystem.  Photosynthesis captures more than 10% of sunlight that reaches Earth.  Secondary productivity is the rate at which consumers convert organic material into biomass [Show More]

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