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The manager of a food company wants to conduct a survey to find out whether consumers like or dislike a new brand of soup that was recently launched. Which of the following data collection methods is... mostly likely to get unbiased results? Ask distributors who supply the products to local retailers about the popularity of different soup brands. Ask the employees in the company which soup is the best. Ask customers who visit retailers within a 15 mile radius of the company headquarters. Ask customers who visit the grocery store nearest to the manager's house which soup they like the best. RATIONALE In order to get the best understanding of which soup is the most popular, they want to get a sense of what brands in general customers like. Although asking retailers doesn't directly contact customers, by asking all retailers about their customers they will better capture customers in general than simply asking those who are near the company headquarters or those who live near the manager. CONCEPT Bias 2 James participated in an archery competition. He was allowed four attempts and was supposed to hit the bullseye in the center of the board. 7/29/2020 Sophia :: Welcome 2/12 If the figure shows the positions of James' arrows, which of the following would best classify the arrangement of arrows? High accuracy and high precision Low accuracy and low precision Low accuracy and high precision High accuracy and low precision RATIONALE The arrows are close to the center so they are accurate and they are also close to one another, so they are precise as well [Show More]

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