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Intro to IT- Unit 4 Milestone 4.pdf,. QUESTIONS WITH RATIONALE ANSWERS. GRADED A. 100%Proven pass rate.

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Gail is examining software to determine what happens when an operator makes a mistake while in data entry mode. Gail is addressing the dimension of usability known as __________. ● error manageme... nt ● visibility ● satisfaction ● efficiency RATIONALE Gail focuses on software usability evaluation. She deals with error management related to data entry. CONCEPT Usability 2 Harriet implements policies and prevents unauthorized access to the network, and to the data stored on the network. Harriet holds the position of __________ in the organization. ● Security Administrator ● Database Administrator ● Network Administrator ● Computer Operator RATIONALE Harriet is a Security Administrator who protects the technological assets of the organization (i.e., infrastructure, systems, and data). This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from on 03-29-2022 08:49:11 GMT -05:00 CONCEPT IT Specialists and their Roles 3 Kim is quickly building a working model of a new software. As she does so, she collects feedback from users, and uses it to update the model. Which software development methodology is Kim using? ● V-Model ● Lean ● RAD ● Agile RATIONALE Kim uses a Rapid Application Development approach to quickly build a working model of new software, get feedback on the model from users, and use it to update the model. CONCEPT Software Development Methodologies 4 Which of the following is a best practice for maintaining a safe and healthy workstation? ● Placing the monitor screen seven inches from the face ● Reaching to the left to access the keyboard ● Adjusting the chair so that the user can stretch his or her legs straight out ● Adjusting the back of the chair so that a person's lower back is supported and perpendicular to the floor RATIONALE [Show More]

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