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Sophia - US History II - Milestone 2 Final Questions And Answers. Latest 2020/21

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Sophia - US History II - Milestone 2 Final Questions And Answers. Latest 2020/21.Which of the following was a cause of the Great Depression? • Immigrants had arrived in large numbers during the pre... vious decade and taken many low-paying jobs, leaving many Americans unemployed. • Investors and the general public withdrew their money from banks. The more they withdrew, the closer the banks came to collapse. • A rapid rise in population due to a higher birthrate led to a demand for jobs and housing that were just not available. • Consumerism outpaced supply and businesses had insufficient sources for their raw materials, causing prices to skyrocket. CONCEPT The Beginnings of the Great Depression 2 President Franklin Roosevelt oversaw both a First New Deal and a Second New Deal to curb the Great Depression. Choose the action that was part of his First New Deal. • The Works Progress Administration provided jobs for more than eight million unemployed workers over an eight-year span. • The Social Security Act established a permanent safety net to help the most vulnerable Americans, including the elderly, the disabled and single parents. • To put Americans back to work quickly, the Public Works Administration contracted with private companies to build highways, bridges and military bases. • The National Labor Relations Act reformed labor relations by protecting American workers’ right to unionize and bargain collectively for wages and benefits. CONCEPT Roosevelt's New Deal 3 In 1916, pressure from activists and the National Child Labor Committee contributed to legislation that prohibited interstate trade of any goods produced by child labor. What was the name of this legislation? • The Keating-Owen Act • The Redding Trade Compact • The National Consumers League • The U.S. Children’s Bureau CONCEPT [Show More]

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