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VoTutorialsoTutorials My Account Shopping Cart Checkout Contact Us Search NSG 6020 Week 1 Quiz - Question and Answers NSG 6020 Week 1 Quiz - Question and Answers Description NSG 6020 Week 1 ... Quiz - Question and Answers NSG 6020 Quiz 1. Building a Comprehensive Health History 1. When recording assessments during the construction of the problem-oriented medical record, the examiner should: 2. What finding is unique to the documentation of a physical examination of an infant? 3. The quality of a symptom, such as pain, is subjective information that should be: 4. When communicating with older children & teenagers, you should be sensitive to their: 5. J.M. has been seen in your clinic for 5 years. She presents today with signs & symptoms of acute sinusitis. The type of history that is warranted is a(n) _____ history. 6. An example of a complementary care modality is: 7. Mr. D. complains of a headache. During the history, he mentions his use of alcohol & illicit drugs. This information would most likely belong in the: 8. In issues surrounding ethical decision making, beneficence refers to the: 9. Which of the following is an effective adjunct to document location of findings during recording of physical examinations? 10. The examiner s evaluation of a patient s mental status belongs in the: 11. Which of the following is considered an IADL but not an ADL? 12. Constitutional symptoms in the ROS refer to: 13. Which action would best promote accurate translations as well as confidentiality when the caregiver does not speak the patient s language? 14. Allergies to drugs & foods are generally listed in which section of the medical record? 15. During an interview, tears appear in the patient s eyes & his voice becomes shaky. Initially, you should: 16. Which question would be considered a leading question? 17. Periods of silence during the interview can serve important purposes, such as: 18. After you ask a patient about her family history, she says, Tell me about your family now. Which response is generally most appropriate? 19. A brief statement of the reason the patient is seeking health care is called the: 20. The duties of care providers established by tradition, & within the context of culture, are known as: [Show More]

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