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Ch. 1) A nurse is discussing restorative health care with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following examples should the nurse include in the teaching? (Select all that apply.) A. Home health ... care B. Rehabilitation facilities C. Diagnostic centers D. Skilled nursing facilities E. Oncology centers (ANS- A, B, D Rationale: A. Restorative health care involves immediate follow up care for restoring health and prolonged self-care home healthcare is a type of restorative healthcare B. Rehabilitation facilities are a type of restorative health care D. Skilled nursing facilities are a type of restorative healthcare Ch. 1) A nurse is explaining the various types of health clients might have to a group care coverage of nurses. Which of the following health care financing mechanisms should the nurse include as federally funded? (Select all that apply.) A. Preferred provider organization (PPO) B. Medicare C. Long-term care insurance D. Exclusive provider organization (EPO) E. Medicaid (ANS- B, E Rationale: Medicare and Medicaid are federally funded. PPOs, Long-term care insurance and EPOs are privately funded Ch. 1) A nurse manager is developing strategies to care for the increasing number of clients who have obesity. Which of the following actions should the nurse include as a primary health care strategy? A. Collaborating with providers to perform obesity screenings during routine office visits B. Ensuring the availability of specialized beds in rehabilitation centers for clients who have obesity C. Providing specialized intraoperative training in surgical treatments for obesity D. Educating acute care nurses about postoperative complications related to obesity (ANS- A Rationale: identify obesity screenings at office visit as an example of primary healthcare. primary healthcare emphasizes health promotion and disease control, is often delivered during office visit, and includes screenings. Ch. 1) A nurse is discussing the purpose of regulatory agencies during a staff meeting. Which of the following tasks should the nurse identify as the responsibility of state licensing boards? A. Monitoring evidence-based practice for clients who have a specific diagnosis B. Ensuring that health care providers comply with regulations C. Setting quality standards for accreditation of health care facilities D. Determining whether medications are safe for administration to clients (ANS- B Rationale: identify that state licensing boards are responsible for ensuring that healthcare providers and agencies comply with state regulations. [Show More]

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