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Physics mark 2020.

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01.1 iron and steel will be attracted (to the magnet) aluminium, copper and tin will not be attracted (to the magnet) allow 1 mark is one metal is in the incorrect list, but all the other four a... re correct if no other mark awarded allow 1 mark for iron and steel are magnetic 1 1 AO1 01.2 the paperclip would still be attracted to the magnet because of induced magnetism allow the paper clip becomes an induced magnet allow because the paper clip is a temporary magnet allow there is a magnetic field at the south pole 1 1 AO1 01.3 weight = mass × gravitational field strength or W = mg do not accept gravity for gravitational field strength 1 AO1 01.4 1.0 g = 0.0010 kg weight of 1 paperclip = 0.0010 × 9.8 Force = 0.0098 x 20 = 0.196 (N) allow 0.001 (kg) allow 0.0098 (N) allow correct substitution using incorrectly/not converted value of mass of paperclip allow correct calculation using incorrectly/not converted value of mass of paperclip 1 1 1 AO2 MARK SCHEME – GCSE COMBINED SCIENCE: TRILOGY – 8464/P/2H – JUNE 2020 8 Total 8 Question Answers Mark AO / Spec. Ref. 02.1 Level 3: The method would lead to the production of a valid outcome. All key steps are identified and logically sequenced. 5–6 AO3 Level 2: The method would not necessarily lead to a valid outcome. Most steps are identified, but the plan is not fully logically sequenced. 3–4 AO1 Level 1: The method would not lead to a valid outcome. Some relevant steps are identified, but links are not made clear. 1–2 AO1 No relevant content 0 RPA19 Indicative content measurements • place one wooden block under the ramp • vary the height by placing a different number of wooden blocks • measure the height of the ramp using a metre rule • measure the distance travelled using a metre rule • measure time taken using light gates (and computer/datalogger) • measure time taken using a stopclock or ticker timer • release trolley from the same position each time • release the trolley without applying a force results • repeat at the same height and calculate a mean • repeat for different heights • calculate acceleration using a = (v-u)/t or a = v2- u2 2s [Show More]

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