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Shadow Health Respiratory Concept Lab with complete solution Detail normal air passage when a patient breathes. Answer- air rushes through nasal passages and trachea, bronchi , & into lungs where it's... absorbed by the alveoli What happens during auscultation? Answer- Healthcare professional listen to the heart sounds through a stethoscope What are bronchial sounds and how are these sounds detected? Answer- Harsh, high-pitched, & loud sound that can be heard above the manubrium (over the trachea). What are bronchovesicular sounds and how are these sounds detected? Answer- Medium in loudness & pitch sounds that can be heard over the main bronchi What are vesicular sounds and how are these sounds detected? Answer- The softest and lowest in pitch sounds that are heard over the lower bronchi, bronchioles, and lobes Lungs Lobes Answer- Where vesicular sounds are normally heard? Answer- peripheral lung tissue What is so important about increased breath sounds? Answer- It may detail that the location of breath sounds is off. For instance, if bronchial or bronchovesicular sounds (i.e lounder and harsher) are in peripheral lung tissue (where vesicular sounds usually are) this is due to underlying lung tissues fill with liquid or solid material instead of air. What are adventitious sounds? Answer- abnormal sounds present in addition to the normal lungs sounds What are [fine] crackles? Answer- High-pitched crackling sounds that occur when inhaled air meets DEFLATED alveoli, causing them to pop open 3 major key points about fine crackles? Answer- • short popping sounds • high-pitched • location: usually bases of lower lobes What do fine crackles sound like? Answer- like the noise made by rolling a strand of hair b/w the thumb and index finger What is the existence of fine crackles in a vesicular region a likely indicator of? Answer- pneumonia What is pneumonia? Answer- An inflammatory condition of the lung usually caused by an infection What is so important about detecting pneumonia through something like adventitious sounds? Answer- Pneumonia is a major cause of death among all age groups, resulting in 4 million deaths (7% of the world's total death) yearly. What are coarse crackles? Answer- Loud, low-pitched bubbling sounds caused when air meets SECRETIONS in the large airways 3 major key points about coarse crackles? Answer- • short crackling sounds • low-pitched • location: trachea & large bronchi What do coarse crackles sound like? Answer- like separating a velcro fastener What are rhonchi? Answer- Continuous, low-pitched snoring/moaning sounds causing by airway obstruction from thick secretions, muscular constriction, or masses 3 major key points about rhonchi? Answer- • long snoring sounds • low-pitched • location: bronchi What are wheezes? Answer- Continuous, high-pitched musical sounds made by narrowing of airways from swelling, secretions, or masses 3 major key points about wheezes? Answer- • long musical sounds • high-pitched • location: all lung fields What type of adventitious sound is the most serious and requires immediate attention? Answer- stridor *note* usually audible w/o stethoscope What is stridor? Answer- loud, continuous, high-pitched crowing sound caused by upper airway obstruction 3 major key points about stridor? Answe [Show More]

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