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Army OPSEC level 1 2022 Exam Questions - Answered (Newcomers & Refresher)

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What is OPSEC? - ✔✔Is an operations security that is used to protect critical information Responses sharing or asking for sensitive information - ✔✔-what PT were you doing at 6 a.m? -I'm a... lso exhausted. My unit has nightly 9 p.m. PT -Really? What does the rest of your schedule look like? Select the following correct answer - ✔✔-critical information list -social security card -for official use only NO, because fellow coworkers could potentially be insiders? - ✔✔You are a project manager for one of the Army's internal development teams, and one of your coworkers from a different department asks for specific details on the project you are currently working on. Can you share this information? NO, because allied governments are still considered potential threats - ✔✔You are a U.S.Army commander collaborating with units from an allied country on joint-task operations. The commander from the allied units asks about U.S. plans for operations. The commander from the allied units asks about U.S plans for operations abroad. Can you share this information? Terrorists can be both domestics and international - ✔✔Which of the following statements is true about terrorist? Examples of Criminals are: - ✔✔-scam artist -identity thieves -hackers Examples of Terrorist: [Show More]

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