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1. Select the member of the healthcare team that is paired with one of the main functions of this team member. 2. The recommended daily caloric intake for sedentary older men, active ... adult women and children is: 3. Ill health, malnutrition, and wasting as a result of chronic disease are all associated with: Cachexia 4. Select all the possible opportunistic infections that adversely affect HIV/AIDS infected patients? 5. What can help reduce a patient’s anxiety and postsurgical pain? 6. Which disease decreases the metabolic rate? 7. When caring for an infant during cardiac arrest, which pulse must be palpated to determine cardiac function? 8. The patient should be sitting when deep breathing and coughing because this position: 9. Which procedures necessitate the use of surgical asepsis techniques? Select all that apply. 10. What is the ultimate purpose and goal of performance improvement activities? 11. The primary difference between practical nursing licensure and a nursing certification in an area of practice is that nursing licensure is: 12. What intervention is the best to relieve constipation during pregnancy? 13. You are the LPN working on 2 east with adult medical surgical patients. Your unit has been instructed to perform a horizontal evacuation of your patients because there is a fire on 1 east. Where will you evacuate your patients to? 14. Which electrolyte is essential for enzyme and neurochemical activities? 15. Number the choices below to reflect the correct sequence for using a fire extinguisher: 16. As you are working you suspect that another licensed practical nurse is verbally and physically abusing a patient. What is the first thing that you will do? 17. Which of the following is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of health? 18. Which nursing theorist believes that most patients are capable of performing self care? 19. What element is minimally assessed during a basic prenatal physical examination? 20. A positive over-the-counter pregnancy test is considered a: 21. Select all of the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism. 22. During which phase of the nursing process does data get collected and validated with the patient and/or family members by the nurse? 23. Which of the following is the best worded expected outcome? 24. What is a major difference between a problem oriented medical record and a source oriented medical record? 25. Which of the following are necessary elements of malpractice? Select all that apply. 26. Select the following fire emergency interventions in correct sequential order. 27. After your patient has been told that they have Cushing’s syndrome, the patient asks you what Cushing’s syndrome is. How would you respond to this patient’s question? 28. You are preparing a sterile field for a operating room surgical procedure. When should you stop the preparation of this sterile field? 29. Avulsed teeth should be placed in: 30. You are working in a pediatric unit of the hospital and caring for a six year old boy who is hospitalized with cystic fibrosis and respiratory compromise. Which developmental task is the challenge for this boy at his age? 31. The embryonic period during pregnancy takes place from: 32. Place these human needs in order from the greatest priority to the least priority using # 1 as the greatest priority and # 5 as the least of all in terms of priority. 33. During which week does the fetal heart begin pumping its own blood? 34. Which of the following is a vector of infection? 35. Which oral disorder appears as yellow or white spots on the oral mucosa that are not possible to scrape off without bleeding? 36. Which type of cancer has the poorest prognosis? Pancreatic cancer 37. A cesarean mode of delivery, often utilized for various reasons, is the most common mode for females with which pelvic type? 38. How many bones make up a newborn’s skull? 39. Your patient has just returned from the diagnostic imaging department and the doctor has told the patient that they have a Mallory-Weiss tear. The patient asks you what a Mallory-Weiss tear is. How should you respond to this patient? 40. You have been asked to speak at a new nursing assistants' orientation class about infection control and handwashing techniques. What would you include in this teaching? 41. How many minims are contained in 1 milliliter? 42. Periwound maceration occurs when: 43. Which patient is at greatest risk for cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis? 44.Select the method of special precautions that is accurately paired with the personal protective equipment that is minimally required in order to prevent the spread of infection. 45. Which statement about Meniere’s disease is accurate and true? 46. Which of these patients is affected with a healthcare acquired infection? 47. The stages of infection in correct sequential order are: 48. What is the single most important thing that nurses do in order to prevent the spread of infection? 49. Rh negative maternal blood indicates: 50. Low birth weight is defined as a newborn’s weight of: 2500 grams or less at birth, regardless of gestational age. 51. Your 54 year old male HIV positive patient has just expired. How should you care for this deceased patient? 52. Select the types of pain that are accurately coupled with an example of it. Select all that are correct. 53. Select the stage of viral hepatitis that is accurately paired with its characteristic(s). 54. Which nursing diagnosis is the most commonly used among patients who are affected with fibromyalgia? 55. Alcohol, caffeine, or drugs are high risk factors that all fall under which broad classification of risk factors? 56. Multifetal pregnancies with triplets occur at a rate of 1 in 8,100 births, but twins occur much more frequently with a rate of: 57. When a woman has miscarried in three or more consecutive pregnancies, it is referred to as which type of spontaneous abortion? 58. Your long term care patient has chronic pain and at this point in time the patient needs increasing dosages to adequately control this pain. What is this patient most likely to be affected with? 59. The normal sodium level in the body is: 60. Which type of practice is most similar to research based practice? 61. Select the ethical principles that are paired with their description. Select all that apply. Self- determination: 62. You are caring for a patient with multiple-trauma. Of all of these injuries and conditions, it the most serious? 63. Which statement about appendicitis is accurate and true? 64. Which skin disorder most closely resembles and mimics dandruff? 65. You have just learned that another nurse was fired for taking photographs of patients without their permission using a cell phone and posting them on Face book. This nurse was fired because the nurse has: 66. Which of the following differentiates ulcerative colitis from Crohn’s disease? 67. Which atrioventricular heart block is also referred to as Mobitz II? 68. Which preventive measure can be employed to decrease the risk of compartment syndrome? 69. Your patient has been diagnosed with orchititis. What information about this disorder should you inform the patient about? 70. Which cardiac arrhythmia can be either acquired or congenital and can spontaneously disappear on its own or lead to ventricular fibrillation? [Show More]

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