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NR-103 Week 3 In Class Assignment: CEAP Assessment Overview

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CEAP REFLECTION By NR103 When it comes to the self-assessments there are always going to be goods and bads as no one who takes them serious as goi... ng to be good at everything. This is shown in the CEAP that was taken weeks ago. The assessment is broken down into six categories with sub categories in each one of those. The fist category was resilience and I scored moderate in and no real need to improve it. The second category is commitment, and this is one of my strengths as everything I do in my life I try and give it 100%. This nursing school is no exception. The subject is third category is motivation for learning which I scored moderate in this area. The fourth subject is my weakness that I didn’t even realize, this subject is learning strategies. The last two groups I also scored moderate in where learning skills and balanced index. While this is just a quick overview of the assessments the following paragraph will go into detail on my strengths and weakness. When reflecting on my assessment my real strength relies heavily on the category of commitment. This has always been a strength for me and plays a part in not only schooling but in my life. Commitment was ingrained into me during my time in the military and is a core trait of mine. When you are committed to something you give it your all and what you may lack in skill or knowledge you will still strive to do your best. I have learned that most of the time if you stick to anything in life more than half the time you will succeed in the end. On the other end of the spectrum is my one weakness in this assessment which is learning strategies. In this assessment I learned that I think in a more logical sense and that I take things literal when read them. I also learned that because of my past experiences and being in charge for many years I forgot to take other people’s knowledge into consideration and learn from them. While my weakness has been brought forth and am now aware of them I will try and correct them and turn them into strengths and the focus activities that in the next section reflect my commitment to be better. The first activity that I chose to do was the critical thinking, I chose this because I scored so low on the assessment and wanted to correct that. The second assessment extrinsic motivation and I chose this because I struggle to do my work when I am not motivated to do so. The third activity was integrating new and prior knowledge. As previously mentioned I have struggled to take in new knowledge from my priors, so this assessment was meant to help me find ways to fix my way of thinking. The fourth activity was also designed to help in the same way and that focus activity was peer learning. The fifth Focus activity was work-school-Balance, this was a must and everyone should take it. There is a balance that must be maintaining work life and school and you have to find a balance. If you take these assessments serious then no matter what you walk away learning something. What I learned from this assessment I there is always room to improve and make things better. I thought going into the CEAP assessment I was going to get good scores all through and that I was pretty well off. After completing the assessment I learned that I am more closed minded than I thought. I also learned that I need to lean on my peers more and take what they know and learned into consideration. Learning these things is not enough though I must implement them in the future. The main changes that I am going to make after this assessment is that I will manage my time better. I will also learn to think more critically and less logically. That last thing and most important is that I start trusting my colleges, coworkers, and fellow students. In the career I am going into I will need a team to succeed and its okay if I don’t know it all. [Show More]

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