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Mechanical Engineering - Application of fuzzy logic in constant speed control of Hydraulic Retarder - Advances in Mechanical Engineering - Keywords - Hydraulic Retarder, Filing Ratio, Constant speed,c... ontroller and Fuzzy logic During heavy-duty driving on long and steep downgrade sections of roads, a vehicle may continuously and frequently use its service brake, which may lead to an increase in thermal load and serious wear of the brake; consequently, braking failure may occur because of heat recession of the mechanical brake and may cause security risks and traffic accidents.1–3 Being widely used in commercial vehicles, hydraulic retarders are auxiliary devices that can reduce the vehicle speed by converting the mechanical energy of a driving vehicle into the thermal energy of the working oil.4 Compared with other auxiliary devices, hydraulic retarders have many advantages such as light mass, large braking torque, long working hours, good thermal diffusivity, and zero pollution;5 the continuous braking performance can [Show More]

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