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WEEKLY STUDY QUESTIONS 1 An Introduction to Genesis/Days of Creation 1. What is the Documentary Theory? In Chapter 1 of “Paradise to Prison” it explains the Documentary Theory to be the belief ... that there were multiple sources to the authorship of the book of Genesis outside of Moses. It went from a two sources and developed into a four or more sources that were considered to contribute to the text. This theory dates the authorship of Genesis past the time of Moses. (Davis, p. 21-22) 2. Give the “contributions” Spinoza and Astruc made to this theory. A 17th century philosopher, Spinoza sparked doubts with what is known as “higher criticism” of the bible through a deeper internal analysis of the text. Jean Astruc was a French physician that became the first one to isolate documentary sources for the Pentateuch. His findings uncovered two sources which differed with the preference of the use of Elohim and YHWH to reference God. (Davis, p. 21) 3. What reasons does Davis give to refute this theory? First, Davis discusses the issue of the use of divine names and that no other religious document from that time nor location of the Middle East was validated with this type of consideration. He references the how divine names in other texts, like Gligamesh Epic, were interchangeable in use. Secondly, he disputes the use of differeing styles and vocabulary used throughout Genesis as a indicator of differing sources. He sites that many writers have various styles of writing depending on what they are expressing and to whom. Thirdly, Davis points out that the documents that comprise Genesis have not been able to be accurately dated. (Davis, p. 22) 4. Give several examples of external evidences for Mosaic authorship. The most important reference that Davis cites as external evidence for Mosaic authorship of Genesis is Joshua 1:7, 8. It is hear that the “the book of the law” is mentioned. Davis states “This phrase indicates that the Torah had already appeared in literary form and was accepted as the Word of God revealed” (Davis, p. 23). Joshua was expected to meditate and obey this text and like many others after him, identitified it as the authoritative Word of God. [Show More]

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