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SEJPME I and II QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ( LATEST 2020) | VERIFIED 100% CORRECT.1) The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) works with the combatant commanders (CCDRs) of the _____. (Select all that apply.) ... b, c, d a) None of the answers are correct b) United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) c) United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) d) United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) 2) The main difference between Dining-In and Dining-Out for members of the Air Force is that spouses and other non-military guests may attend a Dining-In. b a) True b) False 3) Which of the following are keys to success in joint assignments? (Select all that apply.) b, c, d a) Checking the work of members from other Services b) Knowing the people around you c) Having competence in your area of the Service d) Knowing how to solve problems 4) Today, the U.S. and its partners find themselves in an era in which they are unlikely to be fully at war or fully at peace. a a) True b) False 5) If something of an ethical nature is ever in doubt, commanders should contact their legal counsel for advice. a a) True b) False 6) There are a total of how many Reserve Components in the Armed Forces of the United States? d 1. 8 2. 5 3. 6 4. 7 7) The ______ is an interagency staff group that establishes or enhances regular, timely, and collaborative working relationships between other government agency (e.g., CIA, DOS, FBI) representatives and military operational planners at the combatant commands. c a) JIACG b) HAST c) CMOC d) POLAD 8) Which of the following are considerations when hosting a formal dinner? a a) all of the answers are correct b) identify unique cultural considerations in a foreign country c) begin planning months in advance with the proposed guest list d) print and mail invitations four to six weeks in advance e) plan the menu and walk through the upcoming evening's sequence of events 9) The cornerstone of ARSOAC, the _____, is organized into four like battalions and provides nighttime, all-weather, medium range insertion, extraction, and resupply capability in hostile or denied areas. c a) 106th Special Operations Helicopter Regiment b) 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) c) 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment d) 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade 10) The National Security Council comprises of which three levels of formal interagency committees for coordination and making decision on national security issues? c a) executive, deputies, and interagency coordination b) principals, deputies, and interagency policy c) strategic, operational, and tactical d) principals, deputies, and interagency working group 11) In a traditional cake-cutting ceremony the first piece of cake is given to the youngest Marine present, and the second piece of cake is given to the oldest Marine present. a a) True b) False 12) During the early 1990s, what event shifted the focus of the Army's activities toward the stopping old rivalries and conflicts? c a) the collapse of the Warsaw Pact b) the rise of global terrorism c) the end of the Cold War d) the breakup of the Soviet Union into smaller states 13) The U.S. continues to become more dependent on the global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. It is imperative that we safeguard this domain known as _____. d a) space b) networks c) information d) cyberspace 14) In 1798, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps were created. a a) True b) False 15) Receiving realistic training, understanding the types of situations encountered in war, eating well, getting enough rest, and having meaningful relationships and friendships are all helpful in building _____ to the challenges and strains of military service. a a) resilience b) opposition c) vulnerability d) indifference 16) Which of the following represent highlights of Air Force history? a a) Thall of the answers are correct b) expansion into space c) design of a doctrine of strategic bombing and one of organizational independence d) development of the Strategic Air Command 17) Under the U.S. Constitution, the Congress has the power to _____. d a) close the U.S. borders b) declare war, raise and support Armies, provide and support a Navy, make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces c) provide tanks and other equipment of war for Canada and Mexico d) declare war, support allied armies, and provide ships for allied navies 18) Devised to survive on a potentially atomic battlefield, vertical envelopment enabled Marines to achieve which of the following? b a) night missions b) speed and dispersion c) beachhead assaults 19) Successful teamwork in the joint environment requires trust, confidence and _____. d a) close supervision b) time to develop c) clear rules of engagement d) cooperation 20) The Joint Task Force commander facilitates unified action and gains a greater understanding of the roles of IGOs and NGOs and how they influence mission accomplishment by establishing a _____. d a) Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC) b) Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) c) Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center (HACC) d) Interagency Policy Committee (IPC) 21) During joint operation planning, joint force commanders should begin to coordinate their activities with other agencies _____. c a) when the combatant commander authorizes the plan b) after the operation plan has been finalized c) as early as possible d) after the ambassador reviews the operation plan [Show More]

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