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NURS 401 EXAM #1 SG Baby Boomers and Chronic Illness [Chapter 1 p. 6 TJ & Ch. 5 p. 60 Lewis] · Baby boomers = born between 1946-1964 · Chronic illness  w/ age · More than 80% of adults >70... yrs have at least one chronic condition & 50% have multiple health problems · Heart disease, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes are most common chronic conditions in older adults o Lack of importance placed on healthy living as they were growing up · Prevention and management of chronic illness is a priority for all healthcare professionals Functional assessment and wellness [Ch. 1 p. 10] · Evaluation of person's ability to carry out basic tasks for self-care & tasks needed to support independent living · Identifies specific areas of help · Identifying changes in abilities from one time to another · Provides info useful for assessing safety · Numerous tools available that describe, screen, assess, monitor & predict functional ability · Fx assessment helps the gero nurse work w the individual to move toward healthy aging by accomplishing the following: o identifying the specific areas in which help is needed or not o identifying changes in abilities from one time to another o providing info that may be useful in assessing the safety of a particular living situation o includes assessment of ADLs & IADLs o use FANCAPES & SPICES o Promotes healing and encourages the person to remain active and engaged at the highest level possible · Approximately 40% of older adults (ages 65 and older) utilize available preventive services (nurse is planning educational program in citizen center what is important for her to understand) · Encourage client to maintain current levels of physical activity (85 year old male in community setting with DM nurse wants to promote functional wellness) Primary Prevention Strategies for Older Adults (Know primary vs. secondary) [Ch. 1 p. 8] · Primary prevention strategies that can and are used to prevent illness before it occurs · Exercise, diet, smoking cessation, immunizations (pneumococcal, influenza, shingles) · Secondary prevention: early detection of the disease · Annual physical exams, mammograms, DEXA scan · Primary prevention: immunization, smoking cessation program · Tertiary = teaching [Show More]

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