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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CCMA) Review questions with 100% Accurate answers. Rated A

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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CCMA) Review questions with 100% Accurate answers. Rated A A medical assistant has given a patient an advance beneficiary notice form form to sign for an... elective breat augmentation. Who is responsible for the payment to the provider for these services? - Ans-the patient which o the following information should a medical assistant document in the chart after administering an injection to a patient? - Ans-Site of Administration a medical assistant obtains a pulse rate of 105/min. from a patient who is a marathon runner. which of the following should the medical assistant document into the patients health record? - Anstrachycardia A patient who has a health maintenance organization insurance plan requests an appointment for a skin procedure. At which of the following times should the authorization for this procedure be approved? - Ans-before the start of the procedure An influenza vaccination was ordered by the provider and performed on the patient by the medical assistant. Which of the following information shold the assistant document in the patient's chart upon completion of this procedure? - Ans-expiration date and lot number a medical assistant is performing a body fat measurement on a patient. Which of the following areas should the assistant use to obtain an accurate measurement? - Ans-Biceps Which of the following should a medical assistant instruct a patient to do before a scheduled pulmonary function test? - Ans-refrain from using bronchodilators Which of th following patient populations is most commonly affected by systemic lupus erythematosus? - Ans-Femails [Show More]

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