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A set of JCL statements that are stored in a library and retrieved by its name is called a? - ✔✔Catalog Procedure After submitting a job for execution, one would normally review the job's output... or error messages by using which of the following z/OS utilities? - ✔✔SDSF What special character(s) in JCL denote a JCL comment? - ✔✔//* If a JCL statement parameter list is continued to the next line, the continuation line ________ - ✔✔must start with the field identifier // and the parameter code starts in start column four or after. If you expect a JCL error, what facility do you use to view its output to locate the problem? - ✔✔SDSF All of the following are true about coding a StepName, except? - ✔✔Must begin in column 9 You use the JCL ____ statement to run a program as a part of a job. - ✔✔EXEC A job name must begin in column _____. - ✔✔3 All of the following functions can be performed by a JCL DD statement, except? - ✔✔Initiate a new program If you want to view all jobs executing in a system, you go where and type what? - ✔✔Go into SDSF and enter DA on the command line [Show More]

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