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Sophia Pathway - Environmental Science - Unit 3 Milestone 3 .Select the true statement about efforts to address water pollution in the United States. • The Clean Water Act of 1972 stated that all... U.S. waterways would be clean by 1983. • The Refuse Act of 1899 was designed to protect waterways from non-point source pollution. • Media coverage of water pollution issues in the 1960s led to public concern and political action. • Individual states address non-point pollution sources by fining citizens for violations. CONCEPT Efforts to Address Water Pollution in the United States 2 Choose the statement that is NOT true about water availability on Earth. • Industry uses nearly as much water as agriculture does. • 20% of the world’s population lives in an area where water is scarce. • Many major aquifers have a notable reduction in available water. • More than a billion people do not have ready access to clean water. CONCEPT Water Availability 3 Which of the following is an example of an organic agricultural practice? • Eliza adds earthworms to her garden to stimulate the formation of topsoil. • Sadie and her family practice no-till farming. • Rick alternates between grazing his livestock in several different pastures and giving them processed feed. • Bill uses only natural fertilizers and pesticides. CONCEPT Agriculture Impacts 4 Which of the examples below describes an effort to address urban sprawl through brownfield repair? • The site of a bankrupt cement factory is cleared and all hazardous substances disposed of. • Walking trails are built to connect neighborhoods with popular restaurants and shopping centers [Show More]

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