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Sophia - Environmental Science - Unit 1 Milestone 1 – (100% CORRECT) – Ashford University | Sophia - Environmental Science - Unit 1 Milestone 1 – (100% CORRECT)

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1 Sophia - Environmental Science - Unit 1 Milestone 1 – (100% CORRECT) – Ashford University CORRECTED TO 100% (Hi-lited yellow) Which of the following describes an effect of an environmental i... ssue experienced at the global level? • Particulate matter from a coal factory is causing health problems for workers. • Formaldehyde in the new office carpeting is causing a severe allergic reaction. • Consumers experience dizziness and nausea from pollutants in the water supply. • The consumption of fossil fuels contributes to air pollution and rising CO2 levels. CONCEPT Time, Scale, and Impact 2 Which of the following correctly defines an ecosystem? • Living organisms interacting with nonliving components in a specific area • The number and abundance of species living in a certain area • A relationship between humans and nature in which resources can be used indefinitely • Services that humanity benefits from, including water purification and soil formation CONCEPT Biodiversity Sustainability 3 Plant and animal life faced many challenges when moving from water to land. Select the FALSE statement about this transition. • Organisms had to adapt in order to reproduce on land.• Plant and animal life suffered from a lack of consistent sunlight on land. • Organisms tended to dry out upon moving to land. • Plant and animal life experienced increased effects of gravity on land. CONCEPT Early Life 4 Which of the following is the best example of how a government agency can apply environmental science? • Purchase only free-range, organic chicken • Study the decline in honeybee populations around the world • Provide mosquito netting for malaria-stricken areas • Regulate air emissions from a coal factory CONCEPT Applying Environmental Science 5 Select the true statement about human population growth. • Plague and famine caused a decrease in population between 1 AD and 1350. • In 2012, there were 7.5 billion people on Earth. • Global population has been relatively high throughout history. • The world population doubled in the 40 years between 1959 and 1999. CONCEPT Human Arrival and Expansion 6 “All organisms share biological requirements for survival and well-being, and all should be respected equally.” The quotation represents a(n) __________ environmental ethical position. • anthropocentric • biocentric • ecocentric • ethnocentric CONCEPT Ethics and Stewardship 7Choose the statement that is most likely made by an environmentalist rather than by an environmental scientist. • Coal-powered plants emit 40% of the United States’ total carbon dioxide and 50% of its particle pollution. • Lessening our dependence on fossil fuels is the most important environmental issue facing the world today. • Some renewable energy sources capture their energy from natural processes, such as wind, flowing water and the sun. • The burning of fossil fuels causes more environmental damage than using renewable energy sources. CONCEPT Environmentalism 8 Select the item below that is biotic. • Water • Bacteria • Dirt • Air CONCEPT Environmental Science 9 Choose the statement below that is NOT true about early Earth's atmosphere. • Conditions were favorable for forming chemical bonds. • There was no free oxygen. • The ozone layer was quite thick. • Both ammonia and methane were present. CONCEPT Earth's Formation 10 Choose the statement about human population growth that is NOT correct. • Innovation and technology may play a role in lessening the impact of future population growth. • If population growth continues at its present rate, there will be 8.9 billion people on Earth by 2050. • Approximately 72 million people are added to the planet each year.• There are two possible scenarios for future population growth. CONCEPT The Impact of Population Growth 11 According to the one-year calendar model based on the Big Bang theory, the solar system formed in __________. • January • August • September • December CONCEPT Earth's Formation 12 “Threats of an epidemic haunt citizens as the number of unvaccinated children continue to grow. People are frightened of the implications and angry that a few have placed so many at risk.” Choose the most likely source for this quotation. • A scientist, because the language is non-technical so that others will understand • A scientific journal, because it has been peer-reviewed and verified • The media, because the language is controversial and sensationalistic • A politician, because the statements are general and may be biased CONCEPT Scientific Literacy 13 Sherman notices the leaves of one tree in his yard begin to change color much earlier than the surrounding trees. He wonders what causes this. Sherman calls a local nursery to ask some questions. If Sherman follows the steps of the scientific method, his next action would be to __________. • reach a conclusion • analyze data • form a hypothesis • conduct an experiment CONCEPT Science & The Scientific Process14 Ecosystems provide many benefits to humans, which are termed "ecosystem services." Visiting the Grand Canyon on a school field trip is an example of a __________ service that ecosystems can provide. • cultural • supporting • regulating • provisioning CONCEPT Biodiversity 15 Factors that led to population growth during the Industrial Revolution and the Green Revolution include all of the following except __________. • more government regulations • increased food productivity • improved methods of transportation • improvements in technology CONCEPT Human Arrival and Expansion 16 Of the four graphs below, select the one that is misleading. • The Monthly Average Temperatures graph (D) CONCEPT Graphs in Environmental Science 17 Match the graph image with its corresponding type and common use. • Flow diagram showing the direction or sequence of a process • Scatter plot showing the relationship between two characteristics • Histogram showing the frequency of characteristics across groups• Line graph showing a trend relative to changes in time CONCEPT Graphic Literacy 18 Most scientists believe the event that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a(n) __________. • massive tidal wave • volcanic eruption • supernova • asteroid impact CONCEPT Continental Drift and Major Extinctions 19 Choose the sentence that describes Thomas Malthus and his contributions to environmental awareness. • He was the first chief of the United States Forest System and served from 1905 until 1910. • He wrote the book The Population Bomb, in which he discussed the negative effects of human population growth. • He wrote “An Essay on the Principle of Population,” published in 1798, that warned of the dangers of human overpopulation. • His book Silent Spring, published in 1962, raised public awareness of harmful agricultural practices. CONCEPT Environmentalism 20 Choose the statement that does NOT accurately describe the environmental impacts of population growth. • More land is needed, which leads to deforestation, which leads to less oxygen in the atmosphere. • More land is needed, which leads to habitat damage, which leads to loss of ecosystems. • More energy is needed, which leads to burning of non-renewable natural resources, which leads to their depletion. • More energy is needed, which leads to over-reliance on freshwater systems, which leads to water pollution. CONCEPTThe Impact of Population Growth 21 Which of the following is a global sustainability issue that was NOT identified by the Brundtland Report in 1987? • Epidemics • Pollution • Overpopulation • Food security CONCEPT Sustainability 22 Which of the following is true about continental drift? • The movement of tectonic plates is caused by earthquakes and volcanoes. • Throughout the planet’s history, tectonic plates have remained in generally the same positions. • Tectonic plates float on the molten core and are constantly in motion. • Biodiversity is improved by the joining of continents, which decreases the amount of shoreline. CONCEPT Continental Drift and Major Extinctions [Show More]

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